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Australia's smartest security, monitoring and warning solutions.



Australia’s smartest
security , monitoring,
and warning

Autonomous Solutions That Sense, Think and Act.

Spectur employs advanced hardware and software technologies to safeguard people, property and provide valuable insights into the environment. Each solar-powered security camera systems can sense, think and act in many ways: whether it’s to actively deter crime onsite, stop illegal rubbish dumping, gather data or warn against emergencies.


Cameras and optional sensors connect to Spectur’s edge and cloud-based processors, so live site data can be monitored 24/7.


Decision rules and AI are continuously applied to interpret data and trigger actions. You can use our AI, or connect a third-party option.


Choose from a range of actions to trigger autonomously, including onsite alarms, internet or app alerts, lights, switching and more.

Making communities safer, smarter and more sustainable

We are focussed on making our communities safer, smarter and more sustainable in remote, temporary or wireless locations. We contribute by offering technology solutions that can operate independently of human intervention and wired connections. These solutions include:

Spectur typically provides our security, safety, warning and smart solutions to:




Local government


Utilities & telecommunications


Coastal, Marine and Waterway Management

Engineering consultancy

Mining And Quarries

Australia’s smartest security , monitoring, and warning solutions.

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Why do these premier companies choose Spectur's Solutions?
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Why should I use Spectur’s camera solutions​?

Quick and Reliable; most metro areas can have a camera system installed within 2 days.

Deter crime using built-in floodlights and custom messaging sirens, backed by powerful AI to minimise false detections.


Saving you money choose between purchase, lease or rental camera solutions for a cost-effective approach based on project duration.


Deploy anywhere anytime with our in-ground solution, mobile bases, and trailer offerings.

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it