Autonomous Sensing, Thinking and Action, Outdoors

Do you have remote, unpowered or unwired sites? Get peace of mind, improve your efficiency, and reduce risk with Spectur’s smart safety and security camera and sensing systems. Our solar and battery-powered platforms autonomously sense, think and act to solve complex problems.

Sense, think, act

Spectur technology is designed to



using cameras or sensors connected to edge and cloud-based processors, which use decision rules and artificial intelligence to...



and interpret images and other sensor data, using in-house or third-party AI. This enables the platform to...



in a variety of ways including onsite alarms, internet or app alerts, lights, switching and other applications

It is not enough to see what is happening, value happens when good decisions are made and implemented.

Solutions, not just products

Whether it is a security, surveillance, warning, safety or other application, Spectur systems are designed as solutions. We care about helping you improve safety and security, lower operating and capital costs – and the confidence that comes from knowing your site is being effectively monitored.

Use Spectur’s unique platforms with our phone apps and web software, or with your choice of industry standard sensors and video management software. Purchase or hire platforms to meet your needs.

Flexible, efficient, and cost-effective

We provide the highest quality vision and sensing platforms available on a solar-powered platform. Our solutions outperform traditional wired security, safety, and sensing measures, which can be expensive, slow to deploy and don’t solve the problem. Spectur platforms can be installed by a single person, in under an hour, with no cables, trenching, trucks or cranes required. Spectur platforms can also be configured to solve multiple challenges via expanding and new software that can be deployed remotely.

Australian designed and made for our conditions

Spectur is proudly Australian – manufacturing and coding solutions for local challenges to suit Australia’s rugged environments. We’re committed to solving your challenges. With our in-house research, development and engineering team, plus a wide sales and support network, we have the capacity to deliver on this promise.


Industry Solutions

We help all levels of government, utilities, construction companies, residential builders and others to deliver cost-effective security, safety, productivity and sensing solutions.

Specialist Solutions

Spectur is driving a powerful shift away from currently expensive and closed sensing and security systems, towards inexpensive and open solutions that can flexibly sense, think, and act. We design our hardware and software technology to be modular and compatible with third-party sensors and visual AI or video management software. If you’re a security provider, we can collaborate with you on solutions that will help you extend your security monitoring systems and security guard presence.



The STA6 is the highest quality vision and sensing platform available. It combines exceptional long-range sensing and detection, presenting a multitude of ways you can use this convenient platform to help keep people and property safe. Designed and built in Australia to meet the harshest conditions, the STA6 platform delivers unrivalled power and capability to sense, think and act.

STA6 Models


The HD5 is the practical choice for many security and surveillance applications. It provides reliable, full-colour, high-definition single camera solutions in a robust solar and battery-powered platform. Combining passive infrared and camera-based detection with cloud-based visual AI applications, onboard speakers and lighting systems, the HD5 has been the solution of choice for thousands of applications across Australia.

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