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Stop Crime.
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Find out why Australia’s Australia’s Leading Companies choose Spectur!

Find Out Why Australia’s Leading Companies Choose Spectur!

Australia’s #1


Solar Deterrence Solution.

Used and trusted by small business to multinationals.

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Spectur customers have told us that their average cost of crime and vandalism before using Spectur solutions exceeded $30,000 per incident with the most expensive event in excess of $200,000

The ultimate wireless solar security camera solution

The Ultimate Wireless Solar Security Camera Solution.

Spectur remote security system

Solar wireless aloud recording camera with live surveillance, active deterrence and time-lapse

Powered entirely by solar

Thermal imaging option

Email and in App alerts

Switch view between multiple cameras

Removable and reusable

Connect via 3G/4G

24/7 Mobile Access

Remote arm/disarm

HD Live view

Easy to install and use

No trenching to carry power

Time-lapse recording function

Secure log in

Available on desktop and mobile

Custom designed and built in Australia

Hire or Purchase

For as little as 60 cents an hour all inclusive, rental solution or 30 cents per hour for an all inclusive purchased solution (based on 3 years ownership), you can protect and secure….