3 Industrial Use Cases for Solar Security Camera Systems


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Industrial sites can be home to valuable equipment and machinery, yet these sites are typically under-protected due to their size and location. Fortunately a modern, solar-powered industrial security camera system can provide the quality and flexibility to ensure your sites are actively protected around the clock. Here, we cover three common use cases where the right solar security camera system can prove invaluable.

Situations that call for an industrial security camera system

If you have high-value plant, machinery or infrastructure to protect, chances are that you’ll look to some sort of security camera system. A solar and battery powered option with an in-built modem is fast to install and negates the need for cabling, WiFi or hard-wiring to power sources. Not only does this mean you can protect the site from day one and remotely check in at any time, but you can also test, position and relocate cameras as needed to optimise protection. Here are three common industrial use cases for this type of camera.


Warehouses can be rife with theft, both visible and invisible. Even small incidents and incremental ‘warehouse shrinkage’ can add up to massive amounts – in fact, workplace theft alone costs Australian businesses $1.5 billion each year. If a business is wondering how to prevent theft in a warehouse either from intruders or from contractors or employees, a solar security system is ideal. Managers can check the site remotely in real time, and easily document evidence for theft, damage and safety incidents. Importantly, using a solar powered system located on the perimeter of the warehouse allows intruders to be identified and deterred before they enter and steal or cause damage, not after. If the system has active deterrence enabled, it will automatically detect (using artificial intelligence) and scare away intruders before they cause damage or take anything of value.

Plant facilities

It’s not just the cost of damage or theft you need to worry about at your plant facilities; it’s also the lengthy disruptions to manufacturing or production that these incidents can cause. Quite often there may be fuel, vehicles and high-value machinery onsite – and even security guards can’t be everywhere at once. A solar-powered option as a fuel theft prevention camera provides both a visual and audible deterrent to would-be criminals with bright LED lights and a loud spoken message. Managers can easily build evidence against any employee misconduct, and can view their sites remotely at any time for efficient site management. Businesses can even use their high-quality camera system to capture time lapse footage for promotional purposes.

Energy, water and telecommunication utilities

Energy utilities as well as water, and telecommunication providers are often situated in remote locations, which also makes it difficult to use regular security guards to deter trespass, theft, vandalism or illegal dumping. Critical utilities such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications infrastructure may have deterrents such as fences and signage already in place, but there is no substitute for a system that can sense, think and act on your behalf. A facilities manager can use a solar-powered system to keep people safer, actively deter crime, document incidents and check on their site with a tap of the finger.

Finding the right industrial grade security cameras

Whether you’re looking for a reliable surveillance solution for your industrial site or for construction site vehicle theft prevention, Spectur can assist with a range that is ready to lease or buy and can be highly customised to suit your needs. Speak with the team today, and see how we can help you cut down on crime, disruptions and damage on your sites.

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