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4 Key Reasons to Time-Lapse Your Construction Projects


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The new standard feature on many development projects is the construction time-lapse camera. Australia-wide, time-lapse photography is capturing urban growth and tracking city developments for both corporate and public observation. But why is this the case? How does time-lapse actually benefit a construction business? Here, we cover four of the key benefits and how to get started with a construction time–lapse monitoring solution without fuss or high costs.

Firstly, what is a construction time-lapse camera?

Time-lapse images are captured at periodic intervals, whether over weeks, months or a year. When these images are played back together, they show a sped-up video of progress. Quality time lapses look great, and with HD or 4K resolution you can see an impressive level of detail throughout the site.

Why is time–lapse so popular within construction, and how can a construction time-lapse camera benefit your project?

A clear, high quality project time-lapse camera can benefit a construction project in a number of ways, including:

  • Project management
    A project time-lapse camera allows you to capture photos at your preferred interval, so you can either choose to capture a clear and high definition image every hour or several times a day. You can use a time-lapse monitoring solution to effectively monitor progress over a set period of time or even across multiple projects. Check in via the web or mobile app to view the latest images and verify whether that concrete slab has been poured yet, or whether a large delivery has been made – and when.
  • Detailed project documentation
    Construction time-lapse provides value for many builders as an archival and reviewing tool across insurance and investment purposes. Simply select the period of time you want to view, set the desired speed, and send the file. This makes it easy to demonstrate site progress to investors or validate claims from contractors without lengthy reports. A construction time-lapse camera can even be an indisputable source of evidence should you need to submit an insurance claim. You could also monitor environmental changes over time for compliance purposes, such as tracking erosion or tree cover over the duration of a project.
  • Continuous improvement
    The whole point of time-lapse is to track changes over time, so it’s an ideal technique to improve productivity and safety on construction sites. You might review long-term footage to check contractors’ adherence to PPE requirements onsite, or to review any safety incidents and ensure they don’t happen again. Gaining an overall picture of your site could also help you to identify possible improvements for workflow too, such as choosing different delivery points to minimise double handling on future projects.
  • Project marketing
    Video is a dynamic marketing tool, and a quality construction time-lapse can add a sense of energy and aspiration to your project marketing. You could add a project time-lapse camera feed to your own website or social media site to demonstrate your full capabilities to prospective clients. Or, you could provide a time-lapse to developer clients for their own marketing purposes, as a way to add value to every project. Watching a project unfold from a vacant block to a polished final product can be highly rewarding and impressive.

    Using a time-lapse monitoring solution has traditionally been an expensive exercise, but with Spectur systems to lease, hire or buy, it’s now cost-effective and simple. In fact, our solar security cameras have time-lapse functionality as a built-in feature so you can easily switch between time-lapse and active deterrence on your site.

To set up a construction time-lapse in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Auckland, speak with the Spectur team today on 1300 802 960.

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