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4 Potential Threats to Security Systems and How to Prevent Them


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The fact that security systems capture, record and deter is exactly why these systems often become targets themselves from intruders or offenders. The last thing you need is a security camera that needs its own security camera! So how can you prevent the most common threats to your security system? By getting your security camera setup right in the first place and looking for the right features.

Here’s what to consider for each potential threat.

Obstructing or damaging security cameras

There are three key factors that will help to prevent physical vandalism and obstruction of security cameras:

  • A high vantage point for your cameras, which will take them out of physical reach. We’ve designed Spectur solutions so they can either be brought to maximum height with a two-part pole, or attached to existing buildings or structures.
  • Choosing a wireless camera system will mean that there are simply no wires to cut. This also makes it easier to install cameras out of sight but still overlooking important areas such as gates, fences and doors. With no trenches to dig, security camera installation costs can be minimised too.
  • Wide or panoramic vision, which will make it more difficult to obstruct a camera’s view – and capture anyone trying to do so! Our optical cameras have the option to expand the field of view from 90 to 360 degrees.

Damage to data recorders

Back in the day, an intruder might have damaged the physical recording device or taken the video tape, eliminating any video evidence of their presence. Fortunately this concern can be eliminated with a cloud-based system. Spectur’s solutions upload events to the cloud in real time as well as storing them onsite, so your data is double protected from onsite tampering or connectivity disruptions.

Cyber-attacks on IP security systems

Cyber vulnerabilities are a common concern with Internet-of-Things-connected devices, but most problems can be prevented entirely with correct use and strong passwords. The majority of camera cyber security issues arise from human error, which is why having an expert support team on hand is so important.

Blinding’ the security camera with a laser pointer or LEDs

While this is a common concern, it’s not as easy as it might seem in the movies. An offender would have to shine a light or laser very precisely directly into the lens and to then hold it steady. On the off-chance someone can get the laser pointed just right, you’ll have footage available of the offender before they manage to do so.

And with active alerts and deterrence, they’re unlikely to even get to this stage. Spectur’s systems use artificial intelligence (AI) to identify when people or vehicles are onsite and immediately send a mobile alert to you or a monitoring service. The system can be configured to flood the area with bright light and emit a loud spoken warning to deter the intruders or offenders – typically before they have the chance to do any damage.

Spectur not only supplies and installs security cameras for hire and purchase – we also design, code and manufacture our wireless camera systems within Australia for ultimate reliability. Get in touch today to discuss your needs for security camera installation.

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