4 ways security technology can be used to improve public safety

When most people think of security, they imagine elaborate camera systems meant to detect and record criminal activity. Spectur has elaborated on this traditional model that includes CCTV and live-viewing capabilities alongside alarm systems that not only monitor the situation, but can stop crime before it occurs.

Construction managers and farmers have already put our systems to the test to secure their remote sites and deter crime, but our solar-powered solutions can also benefit the public sector.

These are the ways Spectur security technology can be used to improve public safety.

  1. At the beach


Australia is a beach-lovers paradise. With over 10,000 beaches scattered along the coastline, tourists and locals alike flock to water year-round, according to Travellers Contact Point. Keeping beachgoers safe is a top priority for government officials, but the ocean and the aquatic life that call it home are anything but predictable.

The Spectur shark warning system uses our signature solar and 3G/4G technology to bridge the crucial time gap between a shark sighting and authorities alerting beach users. The alert system can be triggered the moment a shark sighting is confirmed to issue a pre-recorded spoken message at high volume alongside bright red flashing lights.

Swimmers, surfers and loungers will be alerted to stay on shore until it’s safe to return. Law enforcement can also monitor the situation in real-time before they arrive to ensure instructions and protocols are being followed.

  1. Site hazards


With large, open remote sites, sometimes an intrusion is accidental. Whether it’s someone on their daily walk wandering onto a farm or a lost resident making their way into a construction site, a security breach may not be malicious, but it can still be dangerous.

This is especially true for construction sites, where materials and heavy equipment are left unattended. A solar-powered security system, equipped with both cameras and alarms, can work to deter criminals but also alert the public that their presence, even if accidental, could be dangerous.

Keeping the public away from your site can protect them from harm and your business from liability.

3. Focus on the calls that matter

False alarms are not only a major drain on your resources and time, but they can prevent law enforcement from attending other important situations. Spectur systems leverage AI to ensure that when an alarm is triggered, you’re not sending in reinforcements or contacting law enforcement over a stray cat or falling leaf.

When movement is detected, our system can send images to our cloud server to distinguish if the intrusion is a person, car or animal. You can access a live-view to determine if it’s an employee returning to work, a wandering member of the public or a threat to your business.

Fewer false alarms means law enforcement can focus on the true emergencies to the benefit of public safety.

4. Disaster response

When an emergency occurs in a public space, it can be confusing and chaotic. Before authorities can arrive, a situation can easily become out of control. An emergency warning system, equipped with much of the same technology and features as a security system, can help with disaster response in public spaces.

Once activated, the system issues a pre-recorded spoken message at high volume and with flashing lights to get the attention of the public. The message can alert people to the hazard or emergency, and instruct them to vacate the general area. For instance, in an area prone to severe weather, authorities could trigger the alerts ahead of a storm to instruct the public to seek shelter.

In addition to the lights and audible warnings of your choice, authorities can remotely view the activity in the area to determine the severity of the situation and next steps they need to take. Situations can also be recorded and later reviewed for analysis to evaluate the disaster response.

Spectur is more than just security, it’s safety


No matter if your business operates in the private or public sector, when you invest in a Spectur system you’re prioritising safety. By effectively harnessing the energy of a solar powered computer and communications system connected to a cloud based data management and artificial intelligence platform, actions can be taken automatically or with consent to respond to a public safety issue as soon as it occurs.

With four major offices in Australia, our team is ready to help you enhance public safety with our high-tech, durable deterrence and emergency warning systems and additional security applications. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about hiring or purchasing equipment.

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