5 Construction Site Issues That Solar Surveillance Cameras Can Solve


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You might have noticed more and more solar surveillance solutions overlooking construction sites in your local area lately. There’s a great reason for this – in fact, there are several. A solar powered construction camera can solve or ease a number of common frustrations that construction companies and project managers experience. These issues include:

  • Construction site theft
  • Vandalism
  • Onsite safety issues
  • The complexities of multi-site management, and
  • The challenges in clearly communicating progress updates.

How can one product possibly address each of these effectively? Let’s take a closer look at how some solar security cameras can tackle each of these all-too-common issues and the features you should be looking for.

Solar surveillance solutions and their features

At its simplest, a solar powered surveillance camera consists of a camera, solar panel and battery and some form of storage or connectivity which together capture activity on a site. These products can be installed quickly and even moved from site to site as needed, because they don’t need cabling or trenches.

This type of surveillance technology has also evolved rapidly, and you can now also take advantage of remote data capture, artificial intelligence and sensing solutions to solve many onsite problems.

Here’s how these features can be used to solve each of the issues above.

Vandalism and trespass prevention

Here’s the scene: you have a load of bricks delivered to a site, and overnight someone takes it upon themselves to lob a few through those freshly-installed windows. Vandalism is an irritating and expensive issue plaguing construction sites, but the right solar powered system can actively deter crime from happening.

Spectur’s security camera ecosystem uses AI to distinguish human or vehicle activity from other motion, when it shouldn’t be present, and sends out a bright visual and loud spoken warning that typically send vandals fleeing. Your security team is alerted simultaneously and can check live vision on their phone or computer screen. You’ll also have clear footage captured remotely that you can submit to the police if you do intend to press charges.

Construction theft prevention

Construction sites can hold many thousands of dollars in value that are often under-protected. Tools, appliances, copper and other equipment or supplies can be stolen by opportunistic thieves, or even taken by employees or contractors. A solar powered system is ideal for construction theft prevention because it monitors 24/7, captures footage and actively deters: both via warnings and by the camera’s very presence.

Spectur systems also enable you to link sensors to items, gates and other property, and if triggered will send an alert to your security team via its onboard modem.

Onsite risk management

As you’ll know, the safety risks on a construction site can be reduced if everyone takes responsibility for onsite safety and wears the correct PPE. A prominent solar powered surveillance system not only provides a visual reminder that safety is being monitored, but it also allows you to check in remotely to monitor risk management and PPE use. Remote data capture also enables you to maintain clear, consistent evidence for the purposes of any forensic analysis, insurance or compensation claims that might occur.

Easy remote site management

If you’re a project manager there probably aren’t enough hours in the day to visit all of your sites. As you visit one site, there’s every possibility that productivity is taking a hit at the others. A solar powered construction site camera internet connectivity lets you maintain a virtual presence at all sites and check in remotely at any time on your phone or computer screen. You can easily coordinate deliveries, contractors and team logistics from wherever you happen to be.

Professional client updates

Communicating construction progress to clients or stakeholders can be a difficult task, particularly if they aren’t familiar with the tools or terms of the trade. With a simple adjustment of your camera settings, solar powered systems such as Spectur can easily can be used as construction time lapse cameras. You can effortlessly produce high-quality progress updates to reassure investors, to build excitement, and even to showcase your building capabilities to new clients without the big-dollar budgets.

What to look for when comparing the best solar surveillance solutions

Not all solar powered surveillance systems are built alike. Consider these key features if you’re planning to implement these solutions for your sites:

  • A high resolution camera including multi-camera support if needed
  • Long-term battery operation for night-time and cloudy days
  • Remote data recording and real-time monitoring
  • Robust mountings and housings to resist both vandals and weather, and
  • AI and sensor integration for advanced deterrence without the false alarms and management.

An easy to use phone and web based interface, designed for your application.

Spectur’s systems are proudly Australian designed and made. With the benefit of more than 20 million hours of field practice, we’ve developed several of the most advanced solar surveillance solutions available to hire or buy. Explore our product range or contact us today to speak with our technology team about your unique site requirements.

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