5 Protective Lighting Options to Boost Your Onsite Security


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Looking to shine a light on crime or trespassers on your site? Perhaps you have assets or materials disappearing from your job site – or perhaps you’re hoping to avoid this type of issue in the first place. Either way, you’ll have several different options available to proactively light up a site and deter would-be thieves and vandals. Here are five of the most practical protective lighting options.

Continuous lighting

Continuous outdoor security lighting from dusk to dawn is a great choice to help protect large areas and particularly vulnerable zones. Continuous lighting is a strong indicator that the site is attended and monitored, and that any intruders can be easily spotted. It also provides additional lighting for any camera-based vision systems to detect, identify and accurately record. You could easily install time switches to turn lighting on at dusk or implement a solar and battery powered security lighting system to set and forget. Look for powerful flood lighting to cover large areas and remember to use LEDs where possible to get the most lumens per watt of power.

Motion-activated lighting

Protective lighting that is triggered by motion can be a powerful deterrent – particularly because it gives an intruder the impression that a security guard or employee is onsite and has been alerted to their presence. You can choose from motion-activated floodlights, spotlights, path lights and more to suit your particular application. Of course, most motion-activated lighting will simply turn on for any detected motion including that of a moving branch or animal, and intruders might watch the site and realise this. If you’re looking for something more accurate, then consider…

AI-driven lighting

AI-activated lighting is a relatively new possibility thanks to Spectur camera systems. Powerful 50W LED lights are housed together with a high-resolution camera, speakers and processor. Based on your choice of product, the system either uses onboard or cloud-based AI processing to distinguish human and vehicle activity from environmental motion. This triggers a bright light and loud spoken warning to actively deter and dissuade intruders onsite, while an alert is sent to security personnel. AI-activated lighting can provide more powerful deterrence than a simple motion-detected lighting system, because intruders are more likely to be surprised even if they’ve ‘cased the joint’ and scoped out lights beforehand. These systems genuinely and literally tell intruders they’ve been sprung.

Remote lighting

Remote lighting can be a great choice if you’d like to maintain a low profile for your site, but still be able to illuminate areas when and if you need to. This option is becoming more widely available with systems , which include a 3G/4G modem and can be installed wirelessly anywhere with access to the sun. Simply open your smartphone app or log into your control centre, press a button and you can illuminate the site as necessary without setting foot onsite.

Mobile lighting

Each year, around $650 million worth of high-cost construction machinery is stolen from work sites around Australia. One of the key challenges in stopping this is that builders and developers might be trying to protect multiple and ever-changing sites – often with resources that can’t be appointed to each site individually. Mobile protective lighting and camera solutions provide an ideal solution. Spectur’s flood light security camera is wireless and can be mounted on a trailer or easily moved mobile base, providing active lighting and active deterrence even on remote sites.

If you’re in the process of setting up a security lighting system for your site or sites, we can customise a solution with state-of-the-art, Australian-made outdoor security lighting and camera options to choose from. Simply call our tech team on 1300 802 960 to discuss your unique requirements.

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