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6 Factors to Consider for Your Farm Security Camera System

Farms and stations can be the ultimate target for thieves. The sheer scale and nature of agricultural assets means that fuel supplies and valuable machinery can be difficult to protect and lock up, and stock can be loaded onto vehicles in the dead of night – or even brazenly in daylight if the location is remote. Of course, news can get around quickly when there are individuals targeting farms in a local area, but it’s impossible to be in every paddock at all times of the day. That’s where security and surveillance systems come in.

When it comes to choosing your camera products for remote farm and station security, there are some few key features to look out for:

1. Wireless operation

Naturally, you won’t have WiFi or power supply to most of your farm when it comes to setting up security cameras. But that doesn’t mean that battery-hungry wildlife cameras are your only option. Spectur’s wireless farm security cameras operate on the 3G/4G network and include a solar panel and battery system to keep the system fully operating for up to four days without sunlight.

2. Clear vision in low light

A camera overlooking a paddock or gate won’t have the luxury of streetlights or ambient light, so it’s important that your farm security system can provide clear vision in low light. Long-distance vision is also an important consideration, particularly when thieves might cut a fence to get around a locked gate. Look for a system such as the Spectur HD5, which includes a 3.4MP Super HD camera for clear and extensive vision in full colour or the Spectur STA6 model (4K cameras) for longer range night vision and detection.  Both systems can also be configured for long perimeter detection (greater than 200m) by combining with an integrated thermal camera option.

3. Cloud-based connection & data storage

You probably have enough to do without having to manually to check your farm security footage. That’s why cloud connectivity with a built-in LTE modem can transform your surveillance potential. You can easily set up cameras anywhere where a 3G/4G signal is available, and the system’s AI will dismiss movement from trees and animals and notify you specifically of any vehicle or human movement.  With the high elevation of the Spectur systems (pole mount) and the optional range extending antennae systems, you would be surprised at the range of connectivity of these systems.  Spectur can even provide satellite options where 3G/4G connectivity is simply unavailable. 

4. Active deterrence

When you can’t be present onsite, a warning and deterrence system can actively deter any intruders from carrying out their intended plans. The Spectur HD5 and STA6 systems can be configured to trigger a bright light and sound an alarm or spoken warning when a trespasser passes within the camera’s vision. More likely than not, they’ll bolt before they can take anything – but you’ll also have their vision clearly recorded for further action.  With the STA6, you can even speak directly to intruders with the coming push to talk functionality. 

5. Remote data storage

Farm security cameras also won’t do you any favours if the offenders spot the system and can destroy the equipment or evidence – so remote cloud data storage will be key for events. Seek out a system that records clear CCTV footage and enables you to check in on all of your cameras with live vision. If you do have any trespassers, you can see exactly what they’re up to as you make your way to the location.

6. Rugged design and quality

Of course, you’ll want a product that can withstand the elements and provide reliable security year-round. If you’re looking for farm security cameras for sale, then consider Spectur systems. Our solutions are designed and made in Australia for tough conditions, enclosed in a rugged powder-coated weatherproof enclosure, and tick all the boxes in terms of functionality. You can arrange a free 30 day trial, or speak to the team about hiring or purchasing a system to suit your needs.

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