A Little About Us

Based in Perth, WA, we have developed a revolutionary
camera-based security system that prevents crime before it happens.


Our revolutionary camera is more than just a monitoring system; it’s a computer with a lens. With everything recorded in beautiful High Definition, the scope of view is able to detect major disturbances in areas that you specify. Spoken word warnings deter criminals as soon as they step into the camera’s wide field of view.

Leading companies across Western Australia are taking control of their property’s security through the power that Spectur gives you. Hundreds of our cameras are protecting businesses across the state and we welcome the opportunity to share the same power with more and more businesses across the state, the reason behind this is to avoid break-ins among other ideas to change.


Over the last 5 years, we have been involved in a process of constant development.  Our design is the result of millions of hours of real-world experience here in Australia, in some of the worlds most hostile environments.

We have designed absolutely every element of our system. The computer hardware, the camera, the code and the server, (which controls each camera’s functions).  It is a complete, fully featured and reliable technology at a very affordable price.

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The hardest thing about creating a super reliable remote security system is knowing how the system is performing in the field.  Each location has its own unique set of challenges which we needed to find a solution for. There are a lot of variables that can potentially cause problems. 

As a result, over the years we have had to design in ways of managing these issues, so have added a range of advanced systems that give us all the information we need to maximize reliability so that anyone can protect their project or property remotely.