Trailers and Bases

We have a range of mobile and fixed foundation solutions for your Spectur platforms. Trailer solutions range from no-frills modular solutions through to offroad, high powered solutions capable of supporting our most powerful processors, multiple cameras, lights and other accessories. Fixed solutions can vary between in-ground, plastic base and modular metal through to crane or fork-able concrete blocks or custom solutions.

Solar-powered Lighting

Buy or rent extra solar-powered lighting to complement our solar deterrent platforms. Easier to install than lighting solutions with fixed cables, you’ll save with reduced installation and operation costs. Set these lights up where you need to protect hotspot areas from antisocial behaviour. They’ll operate continuously at 70% power all night. Made for Australia’s harsh conditions, these solar-powered lights provide a cost-effective solution to keep your site fully illuminated, safe and secure.


The Spectur ecosystem supports a range of in-house and third party sensors mounted on the core platforms, nearby the site or entirely remotely. Connected by NBIot, LoRaWAN, wifi, Bluetooth or optically, these sensors extend the sensing capabilities of the core platforms and can also (in some instances) take action. Whether to extend your security application, detect the presence of sharks or as part of an environmental monitoring suite, contact Spectur to find out more about your wireless sensing, thinking and acting needs.

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