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Why Active Monitoring is the Ideal Approach for Factory Security


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Your factory or warehouse is probably housing plenty of valuable property, whether that property happens to be manufacturing equipment, quality tools or even intellectual property. It stands to reason you’d want to protect these goods from theft or damage.

So what is the right approach to warehouse security monitoring? CCTV or surveillance cameras are of course a sensible first step to recording crime, but a solution powered by artificial intelligence and equipped with speakers and lights can provide the crucial extra functions of accurate detection and effective deterrence.

How security cameras can mitigate employee and intruder theft

Security cameras can deter theft in a number of ways:

  • A simple awareness of the cameras being present and recording can discourage employees and intruders from stealing in the first place.
  • You should be able to check in live via your cloud-based security system, so you can keep an eye on the site and manage staff effectively even while offsite.
  • Having footage, and therefore evidence, of any theft or damage will help you to prosecute and identify offenders.
  • A security solution with active monitoring can help to alert you or your security personnel to issues onsite when they happen. Spectur’s solution takes things even further, using visual-based AI to specifically distinguish human and vehicle activity to minimise false alarms.
  • The HD5 or STA6 includes a speaker and lights to emit a loud and bright spoken warnings to intruders, most often scaring them offsite before damage can actually be caused. With the STA6, it is even possible to have live, two-way conversations with people on site from anywhere in the world.

What’s the difference between active and passive security?

The key difference is that with passive security, you might simply be monitoring or recording crime. In contrast, active security helps you to actually deter it. Whether you’re aiming to mitigate minor cases of employee theft over time, or to avoid the delays and costs that can come from equipment being stolen overnight, active security is the ultimate way to ensure your valuable goods are protected. You can also incorporate several other options to manage and minimise crime onsite:

  • Installing gate and door security, with electronic pass codes for employees
  • Keeping the facilities well-lit, particularly when there are few people onsite (Spectur has solar lighting that can be put anywhere outdoors to help with this)
  • Master your inventory tracking processes so you can identify any discrepancies early on
  • Utilise security patrols or call out services if possible, noting that active deterrence can help you to minimise reliance on onsite security personnel
  • Keep landscaping well-trimmed as to minimise easy hiding places for intruders.

How to choose a warehouse security monitoring system

When the time comes to choose factory security camera systems, there are a number of important factors to consider.


Putting camera systems inside facilities is an excellent way of identifying trespassers or people of interest once they are already inside your facility. Locating security systems on perimeters and entry points, which are often some distance from buildings, is effective at turning them around before they get to items of value.

Vision and detection range

This can be particularly important for larger sites and low-light scenarios. Look for an industrial-quality solution with HD imagery as a minimum, so footage will be clear. Note that 4K cameras are usually less effective in darkness so, if there no lighting, a tradeoff may need to be considered.

Cabling and power

It’s essential to weigh the cost of trenching, wiring and cabling against the effectiveness of any solution. Alternatively, you could simply select a reliable solar-powered solution for lighting and security, like Spectur’s products.

Active monitoring and deterrence

If you are truly looking to deter crime, choose the Spectur ecosystem – an artificial intelligence security system capable of sending timely reliable alerts to security personnel, minimise false alarms and actively scare intruders offsite.


Choosing a rugged, robust and vandal-resistant security design is important. Situate security cameras out of easy reach, and look for remote cloud data storage as with Spectur.

An active monitoring system for your factory or warehouse is an investment against inconvenient and expensive incidents onsite. Spectur has its own range of wireless security cameras and integrated smart solutions. So don’t just hire or buy any security system – choose one that actively works for you.

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