Anti-Social Distancing

Two months ago if someone said to you “maintain social distancing” it would have just drawn a strange look. This term will now forever be burned into our psyche as the cornerstone of the defence against COVID-19. We are seeing taped “crosses” on the floors in our supermarkets and hardware stores, hard limits on building occupancy and a general mantra around 1.5m spacing (or more).

For most people, social distancing makes sense. It is mandated by our government, it seems logical and appears to be behind our country’s ability to flatten the curve. There does remain a portion of people however, that either forget, choose to live dangerously or are otherwise unwilling to observe these new protocols. In the absence of an overnight vaccine or cure, we are going to have to efficiently curb these behaviours or we will be at risk of an outbreak of community transmission that may be difficult to get back under control.

A simple audible warning system, used prudently in public places, has been demonstrated to have a great effect on community behaviour. From our experience with shark warning systems on beaches around Australia, Spectur has proven that a (loud) spoken warning from a credible source, combined with the associated social pressure and expectation, can shock and compel people into taking appropriate actions. If you can get surfers to get out of the water when the swell is up, you can get anyone to move 1.5m away from someone else!

Remotely controlled systems also allow limited personnel to be deployed most effectively, conflict to be avoided and the results delivered. If you want to find out more about how Spectur can help you improve social distancing, please contact us at 1300802960.

Spectur Emergency Waring system red

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