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Stop Illegal Dumping with a Spectur Solar Security Camera

No Power Needed

Solar and battery powered. No cabling or wiring required.

Multiple Alarm and Recording Modes

Decide how you want the system record and send alerts day and night.

Evacuation Alert

Evacuation alarms and spoken warnings can be issues remotely.

Pre-recorded Spoken Warnings

Highly effective at frightening intruders off.

Live Viewing

See what is happening in real time from your phone or computer.

Advanced Motion Detection

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence to minimise false alarms.

Full Monitoring Station Integration.

Self monitor or professional monitoring.

Bright White LED Light

Strong deterrent and full colour night time images.

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Remote Security Surveillance Camera Stops Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a serious environmental hazard which can threaten wildlife and also lead to long-term contamination of land, waterways, groundwater and is currently costing council ratepayers millions of dollars each year.


The Spectur solar powered surveillance camera is the smartest and most reliable way to prevent illegal dumping 24/7.


Specifically designed in Australia to survive our harsh environment, monitoring and recording your remote or non-powered site becomes a simple process.


Using the 3G/4G network in combination with independent solar power and Spectur’s cloud infrastructure, this technology stops crime before it happens.

The Spectur system is the ideal remote monitoring and security surveillance solution for:


Project Managers

Site Managers

Property Owners

99.9% System Uptime. 0 False Alarms. 24/7 Monitoring.

Own outright or hire from $14 a day*.


A small price to pay for peace of mind.

*price depends on the number of systems rented and duration of rental period. Excludes Freight, Data Plan and Installation.

Spectur is the most reliable, cost-effective solution on the market

The Spectur remote camera system is powered entirely by solar cells and is like no other system available.


No other system on the market boasts this impressive list of features:


  • Fully powered by solar cells – no mains power needed.
  • Backup battery installed to power up to 4 days, with zero solar input.
  • Removable and transportable.
  • HD live view.
  • Operational at all times – 99.9% system uptime.
  • Instant email alerts in the case of an activation
  • Cloud monitoring.
  • Remote access available on desktop and mobile.
  • Easily switch the view between multiple cameras.
  • Optional thermal imaging detects activity up to 1km away.
  • Advanced telemetry that monitors battery usage, signal strength, and a number of activations.
  • Advanced motion detection algorithms that can deal with all of the extraneous movement that happens on remote sites.
  • No false alarms.
  • Monitoring station integration.
  • Remote access to all camera functions and settings via Spectur’s advanced cloud.

This allows all settings to be managed remotely without the expense of having technicians attend site.

Preventing illegal dumping and waste disposal becomes simple and effective, giving you the power and peace of mind that no other system on the market can offer - and all for the fraction of the price!

A Commercial Grade Solar Security Camera for Non-powered Sites

Non-powered sites and remote sites are at high-risk of illegal rubbish dumping – and the high costs that brings.


Environmental contamination and hazards, clean up and removal costs, property damage and fire hazards can all be prevented without the need for power, trenches or cabling.


These could include caravan and camping grounds, bushlands and national parks, remote farms and other environmental production areas, that are at high-risk due to low visibility.


The conditions of these areas require a smart and cost-effective remote security monitoring system.


Spectur cameras feature high-definition imagery, powered by reliable solar cells. Through 3G or 4G connectivity, the system functions remotely, providing you with live view of your site at any time.

What Spectur can do for you

Record and broadcast high definition images 24/7

Provide time-lapse video of any selected time frame

Send out email and in App alerts within seconds of activation

Issue pre-recorded spoken warnings when alarms are triggered

Turn on powerful LED lights to illuminate the area

Report activations instantly to a professional monitoring station

Prevent Crime & Protect Your Site


from $14 a day*.

*price depends on the number of systems rented and duration of rental period. Excludes Freight, Data Plan and Installation.

Spectur can prevent illegal dumping for a fraction of the cost of clean up.

What Our Customers Say

Sergio Lucia - Perth Builders
Sergio Lucia - Perth Builders
We have been using the Spectur system for a year. I’ve not had a single crime on site. On previous jobs, I’ve had very bad experiences with crimes that cause lengthy and costly delays. Our margins are very tight so delays can mean the difference between making and losing money on a project. The Spectur system has been 100% effective.
Mark Smolenski - Tasman Civil
Mark Smolenski - Tasman Civil
We chose Spectur as it’s a more humane and affordable solution to our current onsite security. We are currently running 21 cameras across several projects and have had no security problems. We’re extremely happy with the effectiveness of the cameras on our sites and it’s also a real pleasure to deal with the friendly staff at Spectur.
1300 802 960