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Need to operate a Spectur’s camera system in an area without 4G connectivity. What would you do? The answer is Starlink!  Our system seamlessly integrates with Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet platform, ensuring continuous operation in all areas across Australia and New Zealand. With solar-powered Spectur systems and Starlink 4G, anywhere the sun touches can be […]

Is your security partner Australian owned and developed?


The ability for communities and critical asset owners to rapidly act in the face of threat events is increasingly important. Equally important is ensuring that data captured by security surveillance systems is kept in safe hands. Here, we explore the importance of using security systems that are Australian made and owned. The first step on […]

Spectur releases the new STA7 solar powered multi-camera solution

Spectur, a leading player in the world of security, safety, environmental monitoring and AI solutions, has reached new heights with the release of its STA7 solar powered multi-camera solution. Building on the legacy of the STA6, the STA7 marks a significant advancement in wireless solar-powered security with up to four modular 4k video security cameras […]

Spectur unveils cutting-edge camera solution


Leading provider of security, safety, environmental monitoring and AI solutions Spectur has unveiled its latest product, the HD6, a powerful single camera platform that delivers industry leading reliable and effective security and Surveillance in even the most remote locations.

Are your recreational facilities summer ready


Are your recreational facilities summer ready? While the summer months bring the perfect weather for a day out at the beach, they also bring with them plenty of dangers. When public recreational spaces are left unmonitored, it can be hard to guarantee safety for communities. However, with smart emergency response technology in place, councils can […]

Improving communities with better data

Improving communities with better data

For local and state governments and other organisations, having an accurate and up-to-date understanding of what’s happening is essential for effectively managing resources, ensuring community safety and tackling challenges with greater efficiency. Embracing technology that offers real-time insights on the movement of people and vehicles in public spaces can support organisations in making better decisions […]

Monitoring equipment during floods


Floods have forever been a part of Australia’s climate, shaping the country’s natural landscape and challenging our ability to adapt in the face of disaster. But as rising global temperatures cause a shift in weather patterns, more frequent and severe flooding poses a growing threat to critical infrastructure. This is where advanced surveillance technologies come […]

Spectur Launches Revolutionary Remote Power Solution


Spectur is thrilled to launch its latest product, STA-Power, a modular solar-battery and communications system that provides power for technology anywhere the sun shines. STA-Power is the first member of a new generation of power platforms for Spectur and third-party technology products. This platform will support existing and future generations of electric devices that need […]

The 10 Biggest Issues in Natural Language Processing NLP


NLP can enrich the OCR process by recognizing certain concepts in the resulting editable text. For example, you might use OCR to convert printed financial records into digital form and an NLP algorithm to anonymize the records by stripping away proper nouns. The answer to each of those questions is a tentative YES—assuming you have […]

Surveillance outside the box


While surveillance cameras are designed to keep people and assets safe, they are capable of more than just security. Advances in technology mean surveillance systems can provide additional benefits to help improve a variety of areas and industries, including waste management, smart cities, accessibility, accountability and much more. From cameras identifying number plates to sensors […]