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Benefits of CCTV, remote cameras and deterrence systems


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Spectur systems combine four powerful features of security to create the most comprehensive deterrence and emergency systems available. Live viewing on demand, alarms, CCTV and time lapse work together to allow you to monitor, record and stop crime before it occurs and enhance public safety.

Here are just a few ways Spectur remote camera systems can benefit businesses, government agencies and the public alike.

Stop criminals in their tracks

The presence of security cameras can make trespassers and criminals think twice before continuing with their plans.

The Spectur system takes this a step further with voice warnings and powerful LED lights. If an unauthorised person wanders onto a prohibited site after dark and triggers an alarm, the system will illuminate the area and issue a pre-recorded spoken warning. Meanwhile, the camera itself allows security stakeholders to monitor the situation in real-time and record footage.

This system is ideal for sites in remote locations with limited access to power. Spectur delivers a fully wireless solution with 4G technology, solar panels and battery backups for nighttime and stormy weather. Plus, you won’t have to worry about lighting the entire perimeter of your site all night long. Cameras with thermal imaging can spot intruders in complete darkness.

Help law enforcement identify culprits

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, less than 50% of construction theft is reported to the police. In many cases, the crime isn’t reported because there’s little to no evidence. Equipment, tools and materials go missing without a trace – and project costs rise accordingly.

If an individual progresses with a crime after being warned, the CCTV system provides the evidence needed to identify them and prevent future incidents. For example, 4K colour video, aided by a powerful LED light at night, can provide local police with a clear picture of who committed the crime.

Monitor high-risk sites

Remote sites can embolden trespassers in their quest to cause damage. This is costly not only for businesses, but for taxpayers too – remote utilities can be high-risk sites that require remote location security systems. For example, South Australian governments estimate over $1.5 million is spent removing and properly disposing of illegally dumped materials.

Trespassers typically look for remote locations or work under the cover of darkness, but a Spectur alarm-enabled camera system can startle and warn off culprits before they can dump their trash illegally. With image-capturing capabilities, law enforcement can also more easily pursue extreme litterers and hand out fines.

For warehouses and construction sites where there is an inherent risk of OH&S hazards, a remote camera system can be critical for monitoring the safety of a work location. Recorded video of an incident can be helpful in legal proceedings and identifying ways to improve work-site safety.

Improve public safety

Camera-based emergency warning systems can provide additional safety in public places. For instance, our shark warning system bridges the crucial gap between a shark sighting and when authorities can get to the beach.

Alarms can be triggered remotely, from any location, or integrated into all major shark warning systems and be activated by those too. High volume pre-recorded warnings will alert people up to 500 meters away, ushering them to safety in a timely manner.

When the system is activated, the camera also records the behaviour of beachgoers and the authorities response. This creates a useful record that can be used to modify how the system informs the general public of a shark sighting.

An emergency warning system can also be useful in other public settings or businesses. A highly effective cloud-based warning system can be used to alert people to hazards with bright red flashing lights and a pre-recorded message instructing them to evacuate the area. They are pole mounted, making them easy to deploy, and solar powered with a backup battery to operate remotely.

Prevent system tampering

Both interior and exterior elements of Spectur systems are created with security in mind. The design is based on more than seven million hours of testing and development in harsh Australian environments by professional engineers. Not only are our solar camers built to withstand the elements, but they are also less prone to damage from rocks, small arms fire and being pulled down.

We also never use IP cameras, as they are susceptible to deauthentication attacks. Interference with traditional CCTV and IP systems can render your camera useless. Spectur cameras can continue to work, even in the event of a network shutdown, and will store data onboard before sending it back to the secure cloud.

For more information on how construction companies, civil services, supply chain stakeholders and other users benefit from Spectur solar security camera systems, check out our resource centre.

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