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Benefit of having Spectur Solar Cameras

Whether you own or are renting a Spectur system, you can be assured that it is going to be a reliable solution or platform for your camera or IoT needs.  Spectur systems have a number of unique attributes that generate real benefits for our customers.  These include:

Robust and resilient against attack

For some of the Spectur security or surveillance applications, the systems can come under direct attack from intruders.  In other situations, the rigors of the harsh external environment (rain, sun, wind, hail, etc) can really test the toughness of a permanent field system.  Spectur systems are better than the alternatives because:


Sensitive equipment is housed within a hardened metal enclosure.  Unlike integrators of third party solutions, Spectur systems are far less prone to damage from rocks or other thrown objects, small arms fire or general exposure to the elements.


Spectur systems are hard to “lasso”.  Rather than hanging componentry on “branches” from a pole, which is susceptible to roping, the Spectur systems are more compact and, combined with our engineered permanent and temporary foundation systems, much harder to pull over.


Smart design based on more than 7 million hours of testing and development in the harsh Australian environment by professional engineers has meant that we have seen all the problems that can occur and fixed them.  Our systems self-manage against high temperatures, re-start when offline, have multiple redundancies and extensive diagnostics that the Spectur team can analyse remotely to confirm system performance.

Protect your data and your systems

Maintaining access to your data, when you need it and ensuring that unwanted others cannot either access it or disrupt it is increasingly important.  Spectur systems have heightened security and protection compared with others because:
We don’t use IP cameras.  IP cameras are susceptible to de-authentication attacks, which stop your system being accessible.  They also only work when the system is connected to the internet.  Interference with the network or simply short term network failures can lend these cameras useless.  Spectur cameras continue to work, even in the event of a network shutdown (they temporarily store event data onboard before sending it back to the cloud when the system comes on line again).
We engage specialist 3rd party providers to manage cybersecurity on our systems and your data in the cloud. We continue to update our systems to respond to the ever changing threat potential in the online environment.  Our investment in these areas means your investments remain secure.
Data is stored remotely. Whilst we do store up to 30 days data from events on our field systems in the event of disruptions in connectivity, all key event and time-lapse data is uploaded immediately and stored in our cloud-based platforms.  Systems that boast storage of data in the field and the benefits of reduced data costs are analogous to putting all your eggs in one basket – and putting that basket in the foxes den.

Always powered up, always on

If the system is not online, it is only an expensive ornament. Spectur, through our internal engineering, research and development teams, have optimised the power management on our systems.  We have done this by:


Carefully selecting our componentry and assessing peak and typical power consumption. By managing every element of the system, we are able to ensure that the power budget is well understood and optimised, ensuring Spectur systems are always on, without over sizing (and over pricing) additional battery storage or solar panels.


Developing our own bespoke power management circuit board and software.  More than 7 million hours of testing has meant that we have learned a thing or two about making these systems work.  Our internal hardware and software is designed to control the operations and power consumption of all componentry, unlike “off the shelf” systems that are rarely designed to interact as a system or work in remote (solar / battery) environments.

Online more often, and we know it

Having your system work relies on much more than power.  When you leverage a Spectur system, you are effectively harnessing the power of a solar powered computer and communications system in the field, connected to a cloud based data management and artificial intelligence platform that can autonomously or with consent take actions.  In any comparable system, it only requires one element of the chain to fail and the system fails.  Spectur systems are online more often because:


We measure it. It sounds simple but is almost impossible to do at scale without the bespoke Spectur system.  IP cameras and other aggregated solutions are simply not designed to provide diagnostics and analytical tools to report on their detailed operations.  Spectur specialists know that Spectur systems are online more than 98% of the time – and we monitor this for the fleet of nearly 2,000 systems every day.  Whether the battery is reaching the end of life or if the firmware requires an update, Spectur systems are not operating in the dark.


If you don’t know it’s not working, how can you fix it? Having to log in to “live view” to see if a system is working may be practical for the backyard operators, but not for the enterprise solutions that Spectur deploys.  Insights from our diagnostics mean that we are regularly releasing and uploading system updates for our systems to continuously improve their performance.  Did I say upload updates?  Ask the competition if they can do that.
Rapid, easy, lowest footprint installation. Spectur provides rapid, low footprint installations with either in-ground, mobile or trailer solutions.  Compared with alternative “large concrete block solutions” these elegant solutions have the following unique benefits:
Systems can be installed and relocated without cranage, HIAB or forklift usage. This means that systems can go in and out of congested sites, on soft soil and on uneven ground.
Costs of installation, removal and relocation are far lower, as expensive plant is not required.
No traffic management or disruption occurs due to large delivery trucks and cranage operations.
And it is not just the foundations that have low footprints.  Due to extensive engineering and optimisation of the Spectur power systems, they are far smaller than comparable units (battery and solar panels), enabling overall less obtrusion on your site, except when needed

Industry leading false alarm performance.

No one likes getting woken up by phone alerts twenty times on a windy Saturday night.  Unfortunately, standard motion detection systems cannot tell the difference between a moving branch, or a dog, or the shadow from a cloud and a person.   This means they either get turned down or off, defeating the purpose of the system, or the neighbours in the field and those unfortunate enough to be monitoring have a long night.  Spectur system operators get the comfort of a good night’s sleep because:


We optimise the setup of all of our systems to ensure best performance. All Spectur field services personnel are licensed professionals, trained in the correct establishment of our systems.  Through managing the types of lenses, orientation of the cameras, positioning through to setting movement grids, intensities of movement and trigger levels, we are able to get your systems working from the start.


We leverage state of the art Artificial Intelligence.  I like dogs, but I don’t want to see them at 4am.  Our systems, when movement is detected, can forward images to our cloud server for processing and identifying if they are cars or people.  No cars or people means no alarm, no alert, a good night sleep and no recording of a stray cat having a stroll.  This AI technology continues to improve and due to our non-IP camera systems, we are able to share the benefit of this continuously improving technology, from the best providers, as it happens.

Australian made, Australian owned

Just like kangaroos and lamingtons, Spectur hardware and software systems are made, installed, supported and coded in Australia.  Your data is managed by Australian systems, designed and built in Australia, subject to Australian privacy laws, by Australians.  Pending the type of work our customers are doing, they can also get credits for “buying Australian” when they choose a Spectur system.  Its why we get the “made in Australia” sticker on all our hardware.

Here for good

Our customers are busy people and they also don’t like investing in “fly-by-nighters”.  It is relatively easy for a sole trader or partnership to set up a website, cobble together some party cameras on a pole and go into business.  It is just as easy for them to not be in business 6 months later, leaving a customer with an asset that is no longer supported or, in the case of rentals, with a whole new learning curve, installation costs and procurement process for another new provider.  Spectur is not just here to do good, but we are here for good.


Spectur is an ASX listed company, operating in current form for more than 5 years and listed for 2.  We are subject to the financial disclosure and performance requirements of the ASX and have a robust Board and Executive team to ensure that the business continues to perform and grown in the long term.


With a 4-year cumulative annualised growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 70% and a last year revenue growth of 95% Spectur is outstripping peers in the market and the industry with growth.  It’s a great product with more than 1,800 systems in operation across the country and nearly 500 active customers.  Spectur will be here with you today, tomorrow and the next day.

Sale or rental model to suit customer needs

Customers seeking to maximise returns understand the value of purchasing and capitalising assets, then depreciating them over time.  Other customers seek to manage their short term cash and have the ability to flex their asset needs at short notice.  We think it’s fair to offer both options to customers and, unlike others, can do so because:


Our systems work. When you have shortcomings in your hardware or software systems it is much easier to rent them to customers and swap them over when performance issues occur.  Furthermore, customers can terminate poorly performing rental systems at short notice with limited loss and associated exposure.  To be able to sell and stand by the investment customers are making, Spectur systems work, and we are happy and able to provide warranty services on the rare occasions they do not.


Our systems are affordable.   Because Spectur systems are designed in Australia, by Australians to suit the intended purposes, there are no “middle men” along the way, increasing the direct costs of the components.  Spectur costs for rentals are always the most competitive because the direct costs of our systems are materially less than those of our competition (we recover our higher research, development and engineering overhead costs that “re-badgers” don’t incur from our high volumes).  Competitors are simply not able to sell systems at competitive prices to Spectur.
Spectur is a member of ASIAL
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