Why Intelligent Security Integration Can Give You the Best of Two Worlds

Security system solutions have traditionally provided a ‘set of eyes’ onsite when you can’t be there. Advanced intelligent security integration now includes a vast range of options that extend far beyond just vision.

Perhaps you currently have separate sensors or systems set up to monitor movement, vibration, sound, smoke or other environmental occurrences. With the latest security system integrations, you can now unite these two worlds to create first-class monitoring, detection, warning or deterrence solutions on one platform.

The Spectur platform, developed in Australia, is ideally suited for edge-based or cloud-based AI applications. The system can be connected via an in-built modem anywhere where 3G or 4G signal can be received, opening up the possibilities to connect LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, wifi and other local gateways to the internet You can even connect your Internet of Things (IoT) devices directly to Spectur dashboards in the cloud via NBIoT. You’ll also have both the hardware and the in-house expertise at hand to enable even the most bespoke integrations. Let’s look at just a few useful applications.

Shark and beach warning systems

Spectur shark warning systems are already in place at beaches across Australia to enable clear responses to monitoring and rapid warnings should a shark be spotted. Authorities can trigger a loud audio message and visible warning to reach people in the water up to a distance of 400 metres.

These systems can also be activated with in response to remote sensors or shark detection services including smart drum lines, satellite-linked receivers or drones to provide automated alerts in an instant. With these remote and autonomous warning systems, community warnings can be deployed immediately to remote or unpatrolled beaches, without limited human resources having to be on site. Because Spectur systems are solar and battery operated, they can be placed anywhere in a dune or beach system, providing a versatile and powerful safety tool for coastal communities.

Earthquake and weather warning systems

The Spectur platform can similarly be integrated to monitor, sense and warn against key weather. Imagine the potential of a seismometer sensing ground motion, for example, which can trigger a warning system with a pre-recorded spoken warning if an earthquake or tsunami is likely to be imminent. Authorities will be able to view the site live on their screen to assess activity onsite and, use push-to-talk and two-way communication to their full effect while sending resources.

LoRaWAN or other connected devices could also monitor a variety of environmental factors including air quality, contamination, moisture or the presence of smoke. Again, integration means that the Spectur solution would be able to provide live vision, clear audio instructions and alerts to give people more time to evacuate, find shelter or take other action.

Smarter security and surveillance

Integration also provides invaluable boosts to traditional visual site surveillance. Artificial Intelligence integration from a partnership with CSIRO’s DATA61 group means that a Spectur system can tell the difference between human and vehicle movements versus those of animals, to drastically minimise false warnings to security personnel. That means no more false alarms due to moving branches or grazing roos.

In addition, integration is possible with a number of video management software solutions including Milestone and Genetec, vastly expanding the options for smart city surveillance, automatic license plate recognition and unified video analytics.

Access control & security systems integration can connect the world of surveillance and security with almost any world you’re working within, providing vast and exciting opportunities for safer, smarter and more connected solutions.

If you are on the hunt for a security system supplier, then Spectur certainly provides the expertise and local support to develop highly customised and refined solutions to meet your needs.

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