How AI can Solve the True Problem of False Alarms & Improve Active Deterrence

Artificial intelligence is starting to gain traction in the everyday and in wildly diverse areas, from art through to finance. Call us biased, but we believe one of the most exciting areas that AI is transforming is security and surveillance. Thoughtfully developed artificial intelligence for security camera systems can provide a number of advantages, but in particular it can help to solve two huge problems within security management. Both solutions tie to an improved ability to distinguish human activity from animal or other environmental movement.

  1. The problem of false warnings

False alarms might seem like a small issue in the grand scheme of things, but anyone who’s managed or monitored a site with a motion-detecting system will know how problematic these recurring alarms can be. You get multiple false alerts and you or your security team arrives onsite to find out it’s been a waste of time. The natural next step is to turn the alarm sensitivity down or off completely, negating the benefits of having a motion-detecting system in the first place.


How AI assists: Spectur systems connect with our artificial intelligence algorithm that not only recognises movement and activity onsite, but also takes the chance to assess exactly what is causing that activity. If it’s an animal or a branch falling, the system will stay silent and you won’t be bothered. However, if the system recognises human or vehicle movement via its passive infrared and camera-based detection, it will trigger your pre-set reaction such as sending an alert to your phone or email address for further response. Your security team can view the site in real time and assess what the best next step of action will be.


  1. The problem of intruders onsite

Let’s say an intruder breaks onto your site and starts to cause havoc. If you have a traditional security system, you might either not be aware of the intruder at all – or you might dismiss the alert as yet another false alarm. If you happen to have security staff onsite at the time they can scare the intruders away, but there’s also the chance they’ll be at risk themselves if they spring the offender mid-act.


How AI assists: Spectur’s artificial intelligence can see, think and act when it recognises human activity to trigger your chosen action. The onboard lights and speakers can activate within moments, sending out a bright light into the area and transmitting a loud spoken message. For example, this might clearly notify the intruder that they’ve been seen and are being recorded, that they should leave immediately and that security personnel are on their way. This directly taps into the psychology of being seen and assessed. Criminals hate being watched– and they hate their activities being illuminated, recorded and called out even more. This more aggressive active deterrence model spooks the intruder away the vast majority of times. In fact, many of our clients haven’t had a single crime on site since installing their Spectur system.

Artificial intelligence for security camera systems not only makes your onsite security more responsive and accurate, it can also can mean that security personnel are better supported, better protected and better informed as they carry out their work. To explore the potential of Spectur systems for your onsite challenges, contact our team today.

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