Why Australian Conditions Demand an Australian Designed Solar Power Security Camera

From ‘a trip to the shops’ that can take a few hours in the country, to our diverse climates with many extremes, Australia has a reputation for being a little different. As such, our different environments often demand more thoughtful product design. Security systems that were designed overseas tend to either physically crumble in our surroundings or simply aren’t fit for purpose. Here are the Australian conditions that have led to Spectur’s locally designed and manufactured solutions.


Although we’re fairly well connected, Australia has its fair share of remote and regional areas. Perth happens to be one of the most remote major cities in the world! Fortunately, there’s decent 3G and 4G signal in many of these isolated places where you may want to protect infrastructure or equipment. We’ve designed our battery and solar-powered Internet of Things (IoT) security cameras in Australia to operate in environments where there may only be one or two bars of 3G data available. Data is transmitted from the in-house 3G/4G modem and instantly uploaded to the cloud for you to access as needed.

Long distances can also cause issues when it comes to response times – because your response team could be tens, hundreds or thousands of kilometres away from the site in question if something occurs. That’s why designing for rugged outback conditions and remote troubleshooting, restarting and diagnostics have all been built into the Spectur ecosystem.  Spectur also have full time field technicians in all major cities in Australia complemented by local technical support teams that designed and built the systems from the ground up.


Harsh sunlight, rain, dust, snow and ice – you name it, Australia sees it. The last thing you need is for your security camera housing to collapse from UV damage, or for speakers and lights to get gummed up with dust. We’ve encompassed Spectur systems in aluminium powder-coated weatherproof enclosures and selectively used components that will stand the test of time. You can choose from thermal vision and night vision security camera capabilities as well as high resolution camera vision. As such, you can use these 3G/4G security cameras on Australian farms, stations, beaches, carparks, ski fields and anywhere in between.

Extreme events

From sharks to avalanches to bushfires, we can see many changing conditions in Australia. The demand for smarter, integrated security solutions led to us developing world-class integration capabilities in our security systems. This means you can connect Internet of Things (IoT) connected sensors and switches so you can know what’s going on when you aren’t onsite. Seismometers, water or air quality monitoring devices, shark tag sensors and almost anything else you can think of can increasingly be connected to the system. This means you can be alerted to any issues and send out audio from the Spectur system’s speakers if you need to provide warnings to the immediate area.

Data security

There are growing concerns about data security, not just from defence consumers, but an increasingly broadening group of society.  Using integrated IP camera and software solutions designed and built by countries such as China and others can introduce risk that cannot be independently managed.  The Spectur engineering team have designed our system in Australia, by Australians, to manage the collection, processing and analytics of data in Australia.  With Spectur, you can have the comfort of buying Australian and knowing your data will stay in Australia.

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