Why a Spectur System is Better Than a Wireless CCTV Camera

Why Spectur is better than wireless

A Wireless CCTV Camera is NOT a Completely “Wireless” system!

When most companies talk about Wireless CCTV cameras, it doesn’t mean that the camera is a completely stand-alone system free of cables – only that the way that they transmit images back to an on-site base station is wireless.

A wi-fi device replaces the ethernet cables that are normally used. The cameras still have to be plugged into a power supply, so cables are still required.

ethernet cables connecting a cctv network

Here’s how they work.

Traditional Wireless CCTV cameras use Wifi to communicate with the recording device (generally a PC), and are limited in range to only be able to communicate with each other to a maximum of 91 meters in perfect conditions- most sites don’t have perfect conditions. The biggest issue faced by these systems is the number of wi-fi devices operating in the area. This dramatically reduces the range and reliability of wi-fi cameras when there are several devices all searching for the same signal.

Increasing their range requires the installation of costly repeaters, secondary routers and still causes the quality of the connection to decrease with each meter.

How is the Spectur camera better than a wireless CCTV camera?

The Spectur camera overcomes each of these problems by completely changing the way the camera communicates with the recording platform.

The Spectur solar security camera is a truly wireless surveillance system in that it has no power cables. It is a totally stand-alone solution powered by solar panels, with a large backup battery for nighttime and cloudy days.

Rather than using local wifi to transmit the video signal to an onsite recording device, the Spectur camera uses the 3G and 4G network to transmit and store your video in the Spectur’s Own Cloud Management Platform. The added benefit of this, apart from the stand-alone nature of Spectur’s system, is that all data is stored safely off-site. This keeps it out of the reach of criminals trying to access to recordings in order to destroy evidence.

Where wireless CCTV cameras require you to have a physical internet connection, the Spectur solar security camera system is literally an install and watch it work system. In fact, it is so straightforward, your camera can be delivered and operational on the same day. There is no need for any additional infrastructure or trenching for power cables.

No plugs, no routers, no PC’s, no cables

Put simply, if your mobile phone has data coverage, you can effectively use the Spectur camera to prevent crime on your site.

Regardless of the quality of your business internet connection, whether you have computers on site or not, the Spectur system stands alone as a fully comprehensive crime prevention security system.

The Top Reasons Why Spectur is Better Than a Wireless CCTV Camera

It’s important to know where and how your recorded footage will be stored.

Typically, wireless CCTV cameras will record and transmit image frames to a digital video recorder (DVR), which will either be a standalone device or connected to a computer monitor.

To access real-time security footage stored in your DVR remotely is an extremely technical task, involving the setup of remote computer access.

Wireless cameras that send their footage to the internet so you can remotely view still need to be configured to a network in order to function. This makes them inflexible in their application and prone to problems when you experience internet connectivity issues and networks errors.

By using the 3G/4G network, the Spectur camera eliminates these limitations altogether.

Spectur has developed a seamless Cloud system which allows you to login to an online application from any device including your smartphone, to view your security camera footage, change camera settings, or view historic time-lapse images.

As long as your device has an internet connection, you will be able to view the goings-on at your site.

So, if you were away from the work site, you would be able to click-through on the Spectur app on your smartphone and, with the press of a button, view the team at work.

Spectur smart phone app

Spectur Solar Powered Security Cameras Offer More Reliability

In some cases where wireless CCTV cameras don’t require a power source, the systems are battery powered, making them somewhat more mobile keeping in mind the limitations of distance from the base station or router.

However, a serious downside of wireless CCTV camera systems is that their batteries often run out of life at inconvenient times – not that there would be a convenient one. Even worse, there is no way of remotely monitoring battery levels.

Once your camera batteries cut-out so does your site security coverage.

The risk you run of missing surveillance footage and possible site-theft if your wireless CCTV camera batteries run out is significant. If you choose to use this sort of system on a remote site, it could be days before batteries are replaced and the system is back up and running.

Completely powered by solar panels, Spectur requires no cabling, external power, or special installations to run smoothly. The battery backup cell is exactly that – a backup for days of low light and continues to self-charge ensuring you’re covered at all times.

It’s a reliable, non cabled security camera system with a no-hassles set-up.

The startling gap between wireless CCTV camera systems and a Spectur security camera make the choice for securing your site a simple one.

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