Site security demands a reliable security camera system.

What Does it Cost to Install a Reliable Security System?

Security systems can range under $100 through to many thousands – but as with most things in life, it’s worth seeking out quality as well as appropriate fit to needs. When it comes to protecting a commercial site or critical infrastructure, an unreliable or inferior camera system could prove practically useless should something happen. So what types of costs should you expect for a high quality security system?


First up, consider the costs you’re trying to actively avoid

Step one of any security system install is to consider the risks and their associated costs that may apply to your site. Whether you’re looking to protect construction sites or a major infrastructure site, the following costs of crime and/or trespass may apply:

  • Stolen materials, and the time to replace or reinstall these
  • Damage to equipment or buildings
  • The many costs associated with delayed projects, including liquidated damages 
  • The risk to employees or security guards
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Management time and distraction

By understanding these risks and potential costs, you’ll be better positioned to understand – and invest in – a high quality, fit for purpose system.


What does a reliable security system cost?

Commercial security camera systems can range from a basic one-camera option to complex multi-camera configurations. You might expect to outlay anywhere beginning from $1,000-1,500 ranging up to many thousands for multiple sites, but this will obviously depend on your site and the capabilities needed. What’s most important is considering the features and functionality. For example:

  • Will ‘cheaper’ systems actually provide you with the resolution and clarity needed to identify intruders and number plates? In contrast, Spectur products offer HD to 4K resolution for crisp imagery.
  • Do you want to record crime or actively deter it with active linkage to lighting, audible spoken warnings, guard alerts or other functionality?
  • Is it worth paying more for an AI-based system that can discern between true trespass or similar events and false alarms? (If you ask our clients, the answer is certainly yes).
  • Can your choice of system minimise security camera installation costs and complexities? For example, Spectur’s solar and battery powered systems can be installed easily without the need for any trenching or cabling as is often needed for traditional wired systems. You can also mount Spectur systems on mobile bases and move them from site to site easily.
  • Will you need thermal imaging capability to optimise long distance detection on remote sites or those with long perimeters?
  • Will spending a little more on quality enable you to cut down on other costs? For example, where a security guard cost could cost $500 per night, a camera with active deterrence and remote alerts can cost a mere fraction of this. This could enable you to allocate one security guard for several sites, or to even outsource your security services for lower operating costs. 

To hire or to buy?

If you’re considering a job site security camera installation for a temporary project, or your security camera requirements tend to fluctuate, you might consider hiring a quality system rather than buying outright. Spectur systems can cost as little as 70c an hour to hire. Spectur is here to help you with sophisticated systems that dynamically avoid the costs of crime and trespass, including the capability for active deterrence and sensing and AI solutions. To discuss solutions, security services and security camera installation , contact our tech team today on 1300 802 960.

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