More than traditional CCTV

A recent study of closed-circuit TV (CCTV) viability found that surveillance camera systems increased the probability of detecting a robbery from 8.9% to 55.7%.

Traditionally, CCTV systems consist of strategically placed cameras connected to an observation post where a security expert monitors multiple feeds for suspicious activity. While this method can be helpful in recording a robbery and identifying culprits, CCTV has no way to stop crimes before they occur – until now.

At Spectur, CCTV is used for more than just recording surveillance. It is an essential component of our deterrence system that is effective at halting criminal activity and its negative financial impact before it happens. By eliminating external power sources, providing advanced image recognition and combining the CCTV system with automatic and remote-controlled alarms, Spectur offers solutions that go above and beyond traditional CCTV capabilities.

Learn more about how Spectur solar security cameras provide superior value.

An active approach to security

Prominently placed security cameras can deter criminals and trespassers to an extent, but do very little to prevent theft or vandalism before it occurs. For the most part, traditional CCTV systems are a tool to help identify when a crime occurred, what happened and who did it.

Spectur has reinvented this passive approach to security with a system designed to stop criminals in their tracks. When cameras detect movement, they can send images to the cloud to determine if the movement is caused by people, vehicles or animals. From there, the system can transmit pre-recorded spoken warnings and illuminate the area with bright LED lights to scare off intruders – all the time recording the situation.

AI makes Spectur systems better than typical CCTV

Spectur security camera systems feature advanced motion detection as well as artificial intelligence assisted object identification. Utilising machine learning algorithms, the system can distinguish between objects for better intruder recognition and fewer false alarms.

The AI solution can identify intruders on foot as well as unrecognised vehicles. This functionality reduces the need for human verification when alarms are triggered. Fewer instances of false alarms will not only increase trust in the system but also allow stakeholders to focus their attention on more important tasks.

All of these features are housed within a custom aluminium powder coated weatherproof enclosure to maximise reliability.

Always on, no power source necessary

Although many CCTV systems claim to be wireless because they replace ethernet cords with Wi-Fi connections, they still require power cables. Spectur solar security cameras are truly wireless. With a battery backup for nighttime and inclement weather, Spectur cameras provide 24/7 monitoring and deterrence, even for remote sites.

Off-the-shelf CCTV systems are rarely built to interact in remote environments with little to no access to the power grid. Spectur systems, on the other hand, have been designed with over 7 million hours of testing. Our internal hardware and software is custom designed to control operations and power consumption of all camera components.

Remote cloud recording

These days, mobile functionality is essential to every aspect of your business. Spectur solar cameras use 3G/4G connections to transmit data directly to the cloud. In addition to being able to view your site in HD from our secure web login or mobile, all key event and time-lapse data is uploaded immediately and stored in our cloud-based platforms.

Traditional CCTV and IP cameras rely on power to record and the manual movement of information, leaving a lot of room for error and vital recordings being lost forever. By utilising cloud technology, Spectur makes it easy and secure to save images to our cloud server where they are protected from tampering or unexpected loss.

Recordings are stored for at least a month, usually longer, and time-lapse images are stored for a year. This makes it easy to review footage at a later date and send video evidence to local law enforcement.

When power and internet systems go down, your footage will be temporarily stored internally until the cloud comes back online. Plus, we work with 3rd party cybersecurity experts to ensure our solutions are up to date with the latest online security measures.

Deterrence systems utilising CCTV provide benefits to many industries

Security camera deterrence systems provide property owners and business stakeholders with much-needed peace of mind.


Each year, approximately 39% of construction and building companies suffer from theft and vandalism. Damaged property and stolen equipment and materials raise costs and delay project timelines.

In addition, the physical nature of construction work creates a higher risk of workplace injuries. Unsafe materials or environmental conditions can place workers in harm’s way.

Security cameras can make it easier to assess site safety and prevent criminal activity. For example, optical and thermal cameras can detect and record intruders. Unlike manned patrols, cameras can continually cover every area of the perimeter, 24/7. When criminal activity is suspected, a security expert can monitor the situation and alert law enforcement.


Illegal dumping is a major problem for government services. Sites located in remote areas are vulnerable to trespassers. In fact, illegal dumping costs local government authorities more than $500,000 per year.

When people dump unwanted household goods on government land, it disrupts the local environment and puts the local community at risk. Pollution of waterways and groundwater supplies is a significant issue.

One of the primary challenges in dealing with illegal dumping is catching the culprits in the act. Without a nearby power source, it’s impossible to place a traditional CCTV system on site. Solar and battery-powered cameras solve this issue and deter individuals with clear audio warnings and recording capabilities.


Storage facilities located in remote or rural areas already face higher operating costs compared with those in urban environments. Theft and vandalism can raise costs even higher. In addition, instances of theft can make workers feel unsafe.

Securing the perimeter of a warehouse is often difficult because vehicles regularly move in and out of the facility.

Spectur security cameras provide uninterrupted surveillance for improved security coverage. Similarly, if employees get injured on the job, 4K cameras can provide a clear picture of the incident.

Protect your property and equipment with Spectur security cameras.

Spectur’s surveillance camera systems take the concept of CCTV to the next level. Learn more about the unique benefits Spectur can bring to your organisation.

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