Comparing the Best Cameras for the Construction Industry

Construction site cameras can help you manage progress, oversee onsite safety, deter would-be criminals and even monitor deliveries. But how can you be sure you’re making the right choice as you invest in a new camera system? 

You may be looking for a system to:

·        Capture time lapse for marketing or management

·        Review onsite performance or safety adherence

·        Deter intruders, vandals or trespassers, and/or

·        Remotely check in on your site at any time. 

Not all systems will offer the same features or functionality – and frankly, the choices can be a little overwhelming. Explore the key features to look out for below, as well as a quick comparison chart. 

Key features of the best construction site security cameras

While there are countless brands and models out there to compare for security systems, looking for these must-have features and functions can help you quickly create a shortlist. 

·        Wireless operation
Wireless operation has multiple advantages; you can install the system anywhere you need to, and recorded data can be remotely stored offsite. Look for a system like Spectur that’s truly wireless, unlike many ‘wireless CCTV’ systems that still need to be plugged into a power supply.  It is also worth noting that “wifi” is far more vulnerable to disruption of signal and power than cellular networks.  Spectur systems work on the the 3G/4G network, immune to someone disrupting a wifi network. 

·        Robust quality
If you’re installing your surveillance system in a remote or outdoor environment, then build quality will matter a great deal. Search for a camera system that’s weatherproof, vandal resistant and contains its technology inside robust housing.

·        High quality camera/s
There simply is no point in having a camera system in place if it doesn’t capture imagery at a clear, useable resolution. Look for high-resolution, low-light cameras, and consider a multi-camera solution if you’re covering a large site.

·        Active deterrence
If you’re using your camera system for security or surveillance, consider how valuable active deterrence may be. A Spectur system employs Artificial Intelligence to limit false alarms and allow audible and visual deterants to be applied to intruders when they shouldn’t be present. This can be particularly important on remote sites, providing an effective yet cost-effective alternative to onsite security guards.

·        Remote alerts

If you have one security guard watching over multiple sites, a centralised security team or are even managing security yourself, a security system with remote alerts can free up your time while alerting you to activity onsite. Spectur’s AI minimises false alarms, and you can check in remotely to view see exactly who and what’s needed on site.

·        Integration capabilities
Integration is important if you want to connect sensors, tracking devices, or positioning sensors for any reason on your site. Cloud and edge-based processing can be used for remote environmental monitoring, as well as improved onsite security and safety. 

How do you identify the best camera for construction sites?

The right camera selection for you will of course depend on your application. For example:

·        If you’re protecting a low-light or remote site, consider either the Spectur HD5 or STA6 together with optional long-range thermal cameras.

·        If you’re looking for the best 360° camera for construction, then consider the STA6 which can house up to four 4K cameras in one solid housing.

·        If you’re looking for the best time lapse camera for construction then look to the Spectur HD5 or STA6, which can be used for both professional time lapse and site surveillance. 

Below, we compare features of the premium construction camera systems available from Spectur.






1 x HD5 3.4MP super HD low light camera (4K option also available)

1 to 4 x ultra-low light 10 FPS 4K cameras

Long-range thermal cameras available?



Data processing

Cloud-based processing

Cloud and edge-based processing

Active deterrence



Communications with site



Microphone for 2-way PTT communication with site



GPS positioning


Basic and advanced tracking options

Optional Video VOIP phone




Find your construction security solution

The simplest way to find quality amongst the clutter is to speak with the Spectur team today on 1300 802 960. Our Australian-designed and Australian-made systems can be rapidly installed out of the box, or fully customised to suit your specific site needs.

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