How Time Lapse Video Can Help You Win New Construction Projects

Time lapse video captures discrete images from the same perspective over an extended period of time and compiles this imagery into a short video that can be observed within a few minutes. It’s now really simple and affordable to install solar powered, remotely connected outdoor camera systems on your sites to capture high-quality vision. So how can this compact video format actively help you win clients for your construction company? Here are three of the most powerful ways this time lapses can hep drive new business.

Promoting construction projects

Time lapse videos capture so much more than professional still photos when you’re promoting completed projects. You can demonstrate your unique way of building, your efficiency, your commitment to safety and the final product all in the space of a few minutes. Even better, time lapse videos can be used as highly engaging content on your website, social media pages, in project proposals and even on TV. Add some dynamic music and your logo – perhaps a voiceover – and you have yourself a broadcast-quality advertisement.

Reporting on progress

Your clients trust you to build something beautiful – but they prefer not to get bogged down in the everyday details. A clear time lapse is a brilliant way to capture the energy and effort of the build within a few minutes. You can use time lapse to explain the process, to update clients on key milestones and to assure them that all is going according to plan. It’s an ideal tool to give your valued clients the true onsite experience without the dusty shoes and travel time.

Improving build quality and efficiency

Your construction business is known for quality and getting the project completed on time and on budget. But time lapse site monitoring can also give you insights to optimise your operations even further and win new business. Using the right camera system, you can check in at any time with real-time site intelligence to plan better logistics and monitor site safety. The resulting time lapse can help you to report on and analyse operations within the team. Improved efficiencies lead to a stronger reputation, lowered costs and importantly – greater capacity to take on new clients. 

Spectur outdoor camera systems can remotely capture crystal clear, high-resolution time lapse videos to support your site monitoring and promotional needs.  They can provide this time-lapse capability at the same time as providing live view, surveillance, security, safety warning and other taskts – a truly versality platform.  These solar and battery-powered systems are available to hire or buy, and can easily be moved from site to site as needed. Get in touch today on 1300 802 960 to discuss the features and custom options available for your site requirements.

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