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Visuals are one of the most important factors of security, surveillance and deterrence. Without clear images, you cannot be certain of the state of your assets or if an alert is necessary. This is especially important if you rely on security cameras to protect your remote assets – even if they are spread out over hundreds of acres.

Not only should a security system be able to record footage when it’s needed the most, but it should also have enough storage to retain video and images that are easily accessible to the owner. A reliable 4G camera is an essential component of our deterrence solution. It detects motion and triggers an alert to deter against theft or vandalism. Without a trusted camera, there is no way to detect, prevent and review crime.

Wireless 4G helps solve common security problems

4G is the latest mobile communications standard that permits cameras wireless internet access at some of the highest speeds available. The type of 4G wireless camera utilised in Spectur systems is the solution to many of the common issues that plague traditional security methods, including:

Battery life: A security camera is only effective if it’s working. At Spectur, our systems and cameras are powered by 65w solar panels and a battery backup storage, so you can keep recording for up to four days without sunlight. If the power or internet goes out, our system can still operate.

A wireless 4G camera is the most reliable way to ensure the system is recording when it needs to be.

Installation: A fully solar powered device means the entire system can be set up and operational within one business day of your order. Without extensive wiring needed, systems can be installed and relocated without cranage, HIAB or forklift usage. Ensure your security system is located where it’s needed the most – whether that be in a congested site, on soft soil or atop uneven ground.

24/7 surveillance: Don’t be bogged down viewing hundreds of hours of unnecessary footage to pinpoint an incident. With a 3G/4G connection, you can tune in anytime through our secure app and view real-time video of your assets and property in HD. If an alert is triggered, you can immediately view the situation even if you’re not physically there.

No wi-fi, no problem: No existing wi-fi connection is needed for 4G cameras to function to their best potential, making them ideal for remote locations. We can supply the 3G/4G dongle and accompanying data plan – at least a 3G minimum is recommended.

Storage: The camera will record and store video using a 3G/4G connection which you can access at any time through an accompanying mobile app. Cloud recorded images are stored to an internal 64GB drive and are accessible from the secure login. Recordings are stored for at least a month, though usually longer, and time lapse images are stored for a year.

Deterrence: The 4G wireless camera is more than just a monitoring system; it’s a computer with a lens. Enhanced by artificial intelligence, it’s able to accurately detect motion and determine if it’s a person, car or animal intruder. From there, alarms can be activated and alerts sent to deter crimes before they occur and improve security response times.

4G wireless camera applications

Wireless security cameras are an essential component of each Spectur product. We have perfected our technology so that it’s durable, accurate and reliable for any industry in the public or private sector. Here are just a few ways how Spectur technology, including 4G cameras, has helped industries save money, improve public safety and reduce their security costs.

  • Environmental protection. Local governments spend millions of dollars a year to prevent and clean up illegally dumped materials. A remote deterrence system costs a fraction of physical security and can stop dumpers before their actions affect the environment.
  • Shark warning. When seconds count, the shark warning system is used to bridge the gap between a shark sighting and authorities alerting beachgoers, even in the most remote scenic escapes.
  • Public surveillance. From conducting surveillance on public land to performing crowd control, the rapid deployment trailer is the ideal mobile security camera. Monitor the situation and deploy pre-recorded messages to stop bad behaviour.
  • Private and public security. Construction, agriculture and mining are just a few industries that benefit from the Spectur solar security cameras to deter theft and vandalism of valuable equipment before the financial impact is felt.

From coast to coast, our team is ready to help you find peace of mind through our high-tech 4G wireless security cameras and their accompanying applications.. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about hiring or purchasing equipment.

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