Remote Security Cameras vs Onsite Security Patrols

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What is The Best Solution for You?

How much does security and safety at your workplace cost you? Remote security cameras have the ability to cut your costs dramatically.

Onsite security remains a vital part of daily operations and whether you’re managing a construction site, civil site or mine site. Or any other site that lacks a power supply

There are currently two main options for securing a location. The first option is traditional, human security personnel like security guards, while the second option is video surveillance systems.

A Comparison of Remote Security Cameras and Onsite Security Services

Say Goodbye to Guards and Patrols

Technology has been providing alternative solutions for just about everything. With the latest camera systems, gone are the days of scratchy videotapes. Advances in surveillance technology have brought about internet-based security systems. This mode of proactive protection enables end-users to monitor their sites real-time from remote locations. Any issues, which may arise, can be addressed immediately from off-site.

A remote camera system is not only significantly cheaper to run than its human-based alternative but also delivers a more accessible and financially savvy security solution.

No two businesses or locations are exactly the same. There are going to be times when both options are suited for specific setups and factors to consider include location and budget as well as the size and geographical boundaries of the space to be covered.

Onsite Security Guards

Security guards are often regarded as the only effective solution when it comes to surveillance and protection. Security guards – as decision making individuals – are able to react based on the actual threats that arise.

Security guards are professionals trained to reach to high-pressure situations. However, training, experience, communication style, and the overall skill-set of a security guard varies from person to person. And like any human being, the risk of injury is ever-present. As a result, this security solution often causes inconsistencies, which decreases reliability.

Similarly, guards cannot be everywhere at once and if they are attacked or become injured, there is the possibility they’ll be unable to alert other personnel or authorities.

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Remote Security Cameras

The latest and the best Videoguard solutions or remote security camera system is a digital arrangement designed to secure and monitor a variety of sites and locations. Users are able to live monitor their sites – meaning they have eyes on their sites 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the 365 days of the year. The benefit of a solar powered wirelessly networked system is that everything runs on a stand-alone system. No power or communication infrastructure is required.

Electronic security is an extremely viable and cost-effective alternative to people, which will not only provide improved overall security but also offers a more diverse range of solutions for different types of industries.

Unlike human resources, remote security cameras are able to:

  • Run continuously without taking breaks,
  • Send alerts in real time to multiple recipients, and
  • Store recorded data securely off site in the cloud.

The best systems on the market have full cloud control of alarm parameters, and the video surveillance has its own Cloud platform which allows for controlled management.

Remote Security Cameras: Making the Right Choice

In order to find an effective solution, it’s best to evaluate your particular needs to determine what your potential risks are. As technology continues to improve, video surveillance continues its strides in reliability and sophistication.

It’s important to contract the right service provider and utilise a system that is able to keep up with the challenges you face every day. A modular, future-proof design is important.

Look to a supplier that has technology developed in your local market. They will have the ability to customise the features of your system without having to rely on overseas support.

When comparing remote security cameras to onsite security, it’s easy to see that a remote system is not only significantly cheaper than its alternative but also delivers more accessible and financially savvy security solutions.

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