How To Achieve Large Area Perimeter Monitoring 24/7


If you’re responsible for perimeter monitoring a large compound, shipyard, animal park, museum or manufacturing site, then you’ll already be aware of the many issues involved in active perimeter surveillance. It’s a tough job. Not only are you working under high loss prevention expectations, but you’re also likely to have been challenged by a lack of readily available technology.

Striking a balance between the correct staffing levels, camera positioning and security patrols can be costly, but perhaps the biggest issue is ensuring you have legible video surveillance during the nighttime hours. Lack of light is usually the issue in large areas, meaning site managers can be left without warning of breaches and even worse, without enough evidence to prosecute intruders should they be caught.

Since 2005, plant theft from large sites across the world has continued to rise.

Large Site Surveillance Is More Vital Than Ever

Since 2005, plant theft from large sites across the world has continued to rise. You won’t be surprised to learn that all sorts of equipment are at risk of being stolen, from air compressors and loading shovels to mini excavators, dumpers and even forklift trucks from loading bays. It’s also not just commercial properties at risk – even civil sites are in need of government security systems.

Understandably, The International Association Of Engineering Insurers set up a research team to look for possible answers. Their recommended perimeter breach solutions include anti-theft measures like marking or tracking plant equipment to prevent resale, applying nightly restraints or immobilising equipment and even installing perimeter alarms. Surprisingly, one thing they don’t cover is the opportunity to avoid theft all together with thermal imaging cameras and real-time intruder monitoring.

Thermal Perimeter Monitoring Systems Provide Breakthrough

This is likely because the assumption has always been that thefts are an unavoidable part of the business, but this is no longer true. Technology continues to advance, and Spectur now offers a real-time, thermal perimeter monitoring system that works day and night watching the fence line for you. You can preview the Spectur Thermal imaging system in this comparison video. It features surveillance footage shot with both standard CCTV and thermal picture quality. The difference is astounding.

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Perimeter Monitoring More Than 300 Meters

Thermal imaging technology is especially relevant for managers of larger sites. When you’re dealing with a perimeter bigger than 300 meters, traditional CCTV cameras just aren’t suitable. Installation of them is hugely expensive because power and comms networks often have to be installed, requiring costly trenches. Then there’s the issue of light. On a standard camera, your ability to clearly see anything over 50 meters away is corrupted. Getting usable footage requires an advanced thermal solution, something traditional camera lights just aren’t equipped to supply with their limited range.

Spectur Revolutionises Large Area Monitoring

Area monitoring and remote security cameras have always been our speciality, but our latest thermal imaging system has changed the game entirely. It doesn’t just record crime it prevents it by instantly sensing and then notifying clients and authorities within 60 seconds of an intrusion.

Spectur’s security system provides a total surveillance solution. The perimeter monitoring system uses thermal imaging for visibility in total darkness up to 300 meters away. Placing these easy to install and remote camera systems will ensure your entire boundary line is protected.


Thermal Surveillance Basics

  • The Spectur Thermal Camera system is solar powered, so it can operate quickly and easily anywhere there is 3G or 4G coverage. It’s essentially a wireless unit and doesn’t require a power supply
  • The Spectur system covers both day and night shifts as it comes with two cameras. A thermal camera for night time detection and a standard solar powered camera for daytime detection.
  • Thermal cameras don’t need any additional light and can detect motion at very long ranges. Intruders can be captured at very long ranges which traditional cameras would miss.
  • Upon activation, alerts are sent to Spectur’s remote cloud-based monitoring station and to the customer, so immediate action can be taken to prevent theft.
  • Both the daytime and nighttime perspectives can be viewed in real time using Spectur’s web login or on the app from any of your handheld devices. There’s no need to be tech-savvy.

Thermal Surveillance Benefits

  • Rapid deployment – if you’re suspicious about a section of the property we can get our thermal system up and running within an hour!
  • Spectur thermal systems are movable. They can be mounted to a stand-alone pole temporarily concreted to the ground or attached to a trailer that moves around the site.
  • There’s no need for permanent line trenching which get expensive over large areas. If your project moves or grows, you can take the cameras with you and reposition them.
  • Spectur cameras will detect intrusions of animals, people or vehicles as far as 1 Kilometer away in complete darkness.
  • There’s no extra recording equipment or hard-drives to store. The Spectur team sets the cameras up using the available 3G or 4G coverage, and you will log in to see the footage through the app on either Apple or Android devices.

The Best New Perimeter Monitoring System

Spectur’s solar powered with thermal security system provides large-scale operations with the ideal solution. The remotely functioning security camera with its thermal imaging capabilities lays out a custom heat signature that can prevent theft and apprehend offenders. Spectur has quite literally changed the surveillance game.

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