Long term leasing option – now available.

Spectur has always been the pioneer in, first, the solar security camera space and now increasingly in warning systems, time-lapse platforms and a broader range of remote and solar-powered sensing, thinking and action platforms.  These innovations have now extended to Spectur’s commercial models.  For the longest time, when others would only provide short term rentals, Spectur provided rental and purchase options (with ongoing small subscription).  Spectur is now very pleased to launch an industry first with our long term lease and lease to own commercial models.  

Spectur’s leasing models allow you to lease the equipment over longer time frames, typically 2 to 4 years.  The longer the period the lower the lease costs. It removes the need to find the Capital Expenditure (CapEx) in budgets and puts the costs into Operational Expenses (OpEx).  It includes an option to purchase the item at the end of the lease, for a balloon payment equivalent to three additional monthly installments.  This model includes ongoing maintenance and warranty, and even has an option for a 24hr human monitoring service.  

Now you get to choose the model that works best for you:

  • Maximum flexibility to start and stop – Spectur rental
  • Lowest long term cost – Spectur purchase and subscription
  • Lowest upfront costs for long term usage and ownership, with monthly costs well below equivalent short term rental costs – Spectur lease or lease to own.

Leasing and lease to own models are not new concepts, however Spectur is first to market in the solar security and sensing space.  Spectur solutions have the best detection, the lowest false alarms and the highest reliability.  Now there is a commercial model suitable to allow anyone to access the leaders in solar security, surveillance, safety and sensing technology.

For more details, contact us at Spectur.com.au or on 1300 802 960.

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