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Camera Operated Emergency Warning Systems

No matter if your business is within the public or private domain, protection of people and property will be one of your highest priorities. When an emergency occurs, traditional alarm or surveillance systems don’t always efficiently alert those who could be immediately affected by the situation. They also might be of very little use if they’re on a location that is remote and not easy to access.
These are the problems Camera Operated Emergency Warning Systems could help you solve.
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Emergencies are unpredictable and often chaotic. In the midst of the problem, many employees and members of the public may not know what to do or where to go. Having an emergency communication plan in place that’s easy to use and can relay a specific notification to a large group of people is going to be essential. This will not only help to keep the stressful situation under control and but is also going to be best for ensuring everyone’s safety.


However, what if there aren’t many people on-site or the site is large or remote. This could delay identifying, assessing, communicating, activating, or managing the emergency.


An emergency is not taken lightly, so accurate, prompt processes are necessary and can be aided by the use of a camera that allows for live viewing of the location remotely.

What can camera operated emergency warning systems do?

No power is needed as the device is solar-powered and has internal batteries as a backup. This means our cameras can be installed in remote locations and will remain functional even in extreme conditions. Through the Spectur App, you have full control of the camera and warning system that work together to alert you to danger so you can warn others.

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Audio and visual warnings:

When evacuations are necessary due to a shark sighting, dangerous weather or an event on site, it can be extremely difficult to convey a clear warning message to many people at once. With your control, a loud, pre-recorded message can be repeated to alert the surrounding occupants to the danger and how they should proceed.


Even if individuals cannot hear the audio, it will be paired with clearly visible, bright red warning lights. The message will be clear: get away from the danger.

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Site surveillance and security:

With the mounted camera, you can be present when your organisation needs you the most. At any time, you can check your property for surveillance and be alerted to security threats as they occur.


In construction and building sites, as well as for remote or large properties, it can be hard to know what’s occurring everywhere at all times. With a camera, you can have constant surveillance.

If you are alerted to an emergency, like a workplace accident, you can notify others to either call for help or avoid an escalating situation.

Artificial Intelligence

When an emergency occurs, there’s no better way to analyze what occurred than with a video recording. With Spectur’s product and accompanying app, you can view the activity remotely and keep a recording on our secure web login.


This can be crucial not only for understanding the situation, but also for avoiding legal trouble and putting better emergency plans into place.

Spectur and camera operated emergency warning systems

All Spectur products have been made by Australians for Australians, and we understand the unique challenges that the different businesses and organisations face when it comes to both surveillance and public safety. We ensure that our products are durable, user-friendly and reliable – there’s no need to worry if our product will work when you need it to.


With four major offices in Australia, our team is ready to help you find peace of mind through our high-tech, durable camera operated emergency warning system and additional security applications. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about hiring or purchasing equipment.

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No matter how remote your property is, your assets will be well protected with our solar-powered cameras, deterrence systems and surveillance solutions. Having worked with Australian organisations and businesses across different sectors, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to security.


Our experts spread out across the country are ready to help you achieve peace of mind for your property protection with our high-tech, durable systems. Reach out today to learn more about hiring or purchasing equipment.

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