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State Government security solutions for public safety, sustainability, and smart cities

Security, safety, sustainability and smart city applications for governments: enhancing our communities through advanced surveillance-related technologies

Surveillance technologies play an important role in reducing violent crime, vandalism and theft, as well as capturing data and providing real-time response to hazards and emergencies. They can also be used to capture data, make decisions and take actions related to a variety of smart city type applications. Spectur offers cutting-edge, fully wireless and solar-powered sensing, thinking and acting technologies to help government make public sites such as parks, beaches and landmarks, or government offices safer, smarter or more secure. These camera systems for State Government and Government Owned Entities work without the need to have security or other personnel present at the location or in a control room. Our systems detect when crimes, hazards or even parking offences are about to happen and can then take automatic action to deter, alert, and record activities, keeping people and property safer.

Our technologies also allow data and camera imagery from a variety of different sources to be aggregated, analysed and acted upon to suit diverse environmental management applications including beach erosion, Fisheries and shark management programs, weather monitoring, people counting, lifeguard management applications and many more.

Problems Spectur solves for state governments

Applications of Spectur camera solutions for state government


Deter or capture crime using smart cameras, built-in floodlights and custom messaging sirens


Use our high-quality 4K systems for real-time project management live views


Environmental data collection, people counting or vehicle counting.

Smart city platform

deploying an expanding array of AI applications

Warning your community

warn population in case of emergency situations

Emergency response

providing a platform to allow the public to contact first responders at remote locations.

Keeping communities safe with Spectur’s security camera solutions






Why should government authorities use Spectur’s camera solutions

We bring peace of mind. With Spectur solutions, we reduce community concerns about crime, safety and disruption, and provide situational awareness anywhere, anytime.


It is a simple, reliable and trustworthy platform for deploying AI, sensing and other smart city or related applications. The open nature makes it ideal for avoiding closed systems and other technology traps.

Quick and Reliable; most metro areas can have a system installed within 2 days.

Don’t just monitor or capture crime, deter it using built-in floodlights and custom messaging sirens, backed by powerful AI to minimise false detections.


Saving you money choose between purchase, lease or rental solutions for a cost-effective approach based on project duration and your capital management requirements.


Deploy anywhere anytime with our in-ground solution, mobile bases, and trailer offerings.

Australian designed, coded and manufactured.

Secure and approved NDAA cameras, sensors and equipment, ensuring data security.


Highly secure and encrypted data storage in a local cloud with dual factor authentication for enhanced security (with optional full ISO27001 coverage).

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