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Senior Lead .NET Software Engineer

Perth, WA
Date Posted: February 14, 2024

Mandatory Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in IT, Engineering, or Computer Science, or equivalent experience.
  2. A minimum of 15 years of developer experience with a focus on .NET, showcasing deep expertise in developing robust software solutions.
  3. Proven experience with IoT or similar “edge” technologies, demonstrating an ability to innovate at the forefront of technology.
  4. At least 5 years of experience with Azure, indicating a strong capability in leveraging cloud technologies for scalable solutions.
  5. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in team leadership, highlighting your ability to guide, motivate, and drive high-performing teams.
  6. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, essential for effective teamwork, collaboration, and stakeholder engagement.
  7. Exceptional problem-solving and investigative skills, emphasizing your capacity to tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions.
  8. A critical eye for detail paired with the ability to manage high-level concepts and strategies, ensuring both precision and strategic vision in project execution.
  9. Demonstrated determination to persevere through challenges, underscoring a commitment to see projects through to their successful resolution despite obstacles.
  10. A strong work ethic, reflecting a dedication to excellence, reliability, and a proactive approach to responsibilities.

Spectur is an Australian based ASX listed company providing solar based surveillance and security solutions. We utilise AI to completely negate any necessity for human intervention with our systems. We offer a far more efficient, effective, and flexible solution to the security needs of local governments, communities, businesses, and people.

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to make a significant contribution to the business by implementing innovative technological solutions that result in excellent stakeholder outcomes as well as cost savings and efficiencies.

This role requires a minimum of 9 office days per fortnight.

If this sounds like you, and you’d like to apply, here’s what you’ll be saying yes to:

  • Workshopping on both business and technical fronts to craft innovative solutions.
  • Enforcing top-tier security measures, cutting down risk exposure, and proactively countering potential threats.
  • Organizing your projects into clear milestones, using JIRA to map out user stories and tasks.
  • Developing innovative features, from user interfaces to microservices and seamless third-party integrations.
  • Crafting and updating comprehensive documentation in Confluence, ensuring clarity and accessibility for all technical processes and architecture.
  • Ensuring the highest code quality through meticulous unit and integration testing.
  • Leading the charge in optimizing and expanding our Azure services, pushing the boundaries of scalability and performance.
  • Leveraging Azure Monitor/Application Insights to monitor vital metrics.
  • Maintaining legacy systems, where necessary.
  • Flexing your coding muscles in C#, with the agility to switch to Java or Python as projects demand.
  • Streamlining our CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps for faster rollouts, reducing downtime, and maintaining impeccable code standards.
  • Guiding the team through technical decision-making, ensuring our frameworks and practices remain at the industry’s cutting edge.
  • Influencing the direction of our company roadmap, injecting your insights and innovations into our future plans.
  • Elevating our development practices and standards, advocating for excellence and efficiency across the board.
  • Mastering advanced diagnostic tools like WinDbg to swiftly pinpoint and resolve performance bottlenecks.
  • Committing a slice of your expertise to resolving Level 3 Support Tickets.
  • Actively participating in our engineering team’s strategic planning, contributing to a culture of collaboration and innovation.
  • Keeping a keen eye on cost-effectiveness, identifying smart ways to boost our financial efficiency without sacrificing quality.
  • Annual income of $100k to 150k

Direct phone calls or emails will not be accepted.




HD6: Single Camera Solar Platform

STA7: 2 To 4 Cameras Solar Platform

STA6-240X: 1 To 4 Cameras Powered Platform

STA-Power: Solar Power Supply

ERB6: Emergency Warning System


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V2 Metal Mobile Base



Environmental Management

Coastal Management


SecureGo: Cloud-Based VMS



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Flood Monitoring And Emergency Warning And Response

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