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Is your security partner Australian owned and developed?


The ability for communities and critical asset owners to rapidly act in the face of threat events is increasingly important. Equally important is ensuring that data captured by security surveillance systems is kept in safe hands. Here, we explore the importance of using security systems that are Australian made and owned. The first step on […]

Are your recreational facilities summer ready


Are your recreational facilities summer ready? While the summer months bring the perfect weather for a day out at the beach, they also bring with them plenty of dangers. When public recreational spaces are left unmonitored, it can be hard to guarantee safety for communities. However, with smart emergency response technology in place, councils can […]

Improving communities with better data

Improving communities with better data

For local and state governments and other organisations, having an accurate and up-to-date understanding of what’s happening is essential for effectively managing resources, ensuring community safety and tackling challenges with greater efficiency. Embracing technology that offers real-time insights on the movement of people and vehicles in public spaces can support organisations in making better decisions […]

Monitoring equipment during floods


Floods have forever been a part of Australia’s climate, shaping the country’s natural landscape and challenging our ability to adapt in the face of disaster. But as rising global temperatures cause a shift in weather patterns, more frequent and severe flooding poses a growing threat to critical infrastructure. This is where advanced surveillance technologies come […]

The importance of sustainable surveillance


Perimeter fences can range from a few symbolic strands of wire to an intimidating razor wire and steel behemoth. The common theme, of course, is the fence’s purpose: to tell others to stay out and to protect what’s inside, or vice versa. While a robust and discouraging fence is a first line of defence, it […]

Sense, think, act: why traditional surveillance cameras aren’t enough


In the modern world the presence of security cameras is commonplace and expected. But as with all technology, traditional cameras are being replaced with newer, and smarter, surveillance technology, because in this new world watching is not enough – cameras need to be able to sense disruption or disaster, evaluate the threat, and act – […]

3 Industrial Use Cases for Solar Security Camera Systems


Industrial sites can be home to valuable equipment and machinery, yet these sites are typically under-protected due to their size and location. Fortunately a modern, solar-powered industrial security camera system can provide the quality and flexibility to ensure your sites are actively protected around the clock. Here, we cover three common use cases where the […]

What Does it Cost to Install a Reliable Security System?


Security systems can range under $100 through to many thousands – but as with most things in life, it’s worth seeking out quality as well as appropriate fit to needs. When it comes to protecting a commercial site or critical infrastructure, an unreliable or inferior camera system could prove practically useless should something happen. So […]

How The Right Security Solution Means More Assurance and Less Insurance


When it comes to safety and risk on your sites, you do a lot to protect yourself and others around you. One common way to increase protection is to manage consequences by purchasing insurance. While insurance can help mitigate the fallout from an event, it is a real upfront cost – and peace of mind […]

Why Australian Conditions Demand an Australian Designed Solar Power Security Camera


From ‘a trip to the shops’ that can take a few hours in the country, to our diverse climates with many extremes, Australia has a reputation for being a little different. As such, our different environments often demand more thoughtful product design. Security systems that were designed overseas tend to either physically crumble in our […]