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The most wonderful time of the year…for theft


With Christmas coming up, the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and people are starting to get excited about the holidays – but unfortunately, so are the opportunistic criminals who use this time of year to target empty job sites and unprotected assets. As work slows down and construction sites are left […]

Christmas and Summer – a great time for stealing


Warm, starry nights combined with school and university holidays, a few drinks and an empty wallet all help to make Christmas and summer the peak of the construction and building site crime season. Unfortunately, this also can correspond with job site shutdowns as many builders and contractors take a break at the end of the […]

How Spectur Security Cameras Do More Than Prevent Theft


If you’re looking for security cameras for your site, chances are you’re probably looking to prevent theft and reduce your losses. Sadly, we often hear from businesses who have just been on the receiving end of this kind of loss and want to stop it happening again. Theft isn’t just about losing equipment, but the […]

Reducing Security Expenses With Deterrence Systems


Reducing Security Expenses With Deterrence Systems Every business wants to ensure that their property is secured against vandals and their assets protected from theft. To achieve the desired 24/7 security, many have utilised the services of a security officer. While no doubt useful, the additional costs of adding employees for this highly specific role can […]

4 ways security technology can be used to improve public safety


Improving public safety with security technology When most people think of security, they imagine elaborate camera systems meant to detect and record criminal activity. Spectur has elaborated on this traditional model that includes CCTV and live-viewing capabilities alongside alarm systems that not only monitor the situation, but can stop crime before it occurs. Construction managers […]

What is proactive security?


Is your security system effectively preventing crime before it occurs? Traditional security methods, like closed circuit television systems, can be an effective way to monitor surveillance and retrieve recordings, yet do little to deter theft or vandalism. While surveillance recordings can be useful evidence to pass to authorities, by the time a crime is identified […]




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