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Need to operate a Spectur’s camera system in an area without 4G connectivity. What would you do? The answer is Starlink!  Our system seamlessly integrates with Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet platform, ensuring continuous operation in all areas across Australia and New Zealand. With solar-powered Spectur systems and Starlink 4G, anywhere the sun touches can be […]

Surveillance outside the box


While surveillance cameras are designed to keep people and assets safe, they are capable of more than just security. Advances in technology mean surveillance systems can provide additional benefits to help improve a variety of areas and industries, including waste management, smart cities, accessibility, accountability and much more. From cameras identifying number plates to sensors […]

5 Protective Lighting Options to Boost Your Onsite Security


Looking to shine a light on crime or trespassers on your site? Perhaps you have assets or materials disappearing from your job site – or perhaps you’re hoping to avoid this type of issue in the first place. Either way, you’ll have several different options available to proactively light up a site and deter would-be […]

Could a Thermal Camera System be Right for Your Security Needs?


Most popular security camera systems use passive infrared sensors (PIRs) to detect and visible light to capture imagery of trespassers, thieves, squatters and vandals. But what if your site has long perimeters, limited visible light – or plenty of dark places to hide? There are many situations where it can pay to consider the balance […]

Why the Best Security Floodlighting Responds to Human Activity Onsite


If there’s one thing criminals shy away from, it’s having their actions seen and acknowledged. Lighting is therefore an important aspect of site security that should be considered, whether you’re planning to protect an important piece of infrastructure, a vacant warehouse or a large construction site. So is it better to light a site for […]

5 Business Benefits of Security Systems with Cloud Recording


While traditional security systems have recorded data internally, the improvements in network coverage and communications tech now make cloud recording a valid choice for most Australian businesses and organisations. So why consider a cloud recording security camera or system? And how can you be confident you’re choosing the right one? Let’s dive into the details. […]

Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras: Which to Choose at the Industry Level?


For a long time, wired security systems were the go-to solution for any industrial application that required reliable power and data transfer. Wireless systems such as battery or solar powered options were either not an option or the performance per dollar was so low, they were only used in extreme cases. Now? That balance is […]

4G Wireless Camera


Visuals are one of the most important factors of security, surveillance and deterrence. Without clear images, you cannot be certain of the state of your assets or if an alert is necessary. This is especially important if you rely on security cameras to protect your remote assets – even if they are spread out over […]

Anti-Social Distancing


Two months ago if someone said to you “maintain social distancing” it would have just drawn a strange look. This term will now forever be burned into our psyche as the cornerstone of the defence against COVID-19. We are seeing taped “crosses” on the floors in our supermarkets and hardware stores, hard limits on building […]

Real Time Tracking Activity with the Security Camera


Track Activity In Real Time With The Spectur Security Camera Live Feed Say the words ‘real time’ to a builder and you’re likely to get a laugh because there’s nothing more ‘real’ than time in an industry where you’re constantly working against the clock. However, when it comes to the live feed on your security […]