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Learn how a leading Australian Security company is re-selling Spectur Solutions


Before partnering with Spectur, Challenger Knight was tasked with securing project sites for the Toowoomba Bypass, a significant road project in Queensland. These remote sites lacked electrical infrastructure and were vulnerable to theft and criminal activities, particularly targeting valuable equipment such as two-way radios. Seeking a surveillance solution suitable for remote and unpowered locations, the obvious choice was to partner with Spectur. Approximately ten Spectur cameras were deployed across the project sites. Once installed, the theft stopped almost overnight.

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Spectur’s solution

While Challenger Knight has traditionally used security guards to protect sites, this has not always been appropriate or affordable for clients. This is where Spectur’s surveillance technology offers an effective security solution, especially in remote or unpowered areas.

The visual presence of Spectur cameras, combined with audible alerts and spotlight features, are a powerful deterrent against potential criminals.

Challenger Knight’s clients can remotely access live feeds and recordings from the Spectur cameras, providing them with real-time visibility and control over site activities. Having a visual record of vehicles coming and going helps prevent opportunistic criminal activity that often occurs on construction sites.

When integrated with alarm monitoring centres, the centre will see any activity taking place and can contact police immediately.

Garth Matheson, Business Development Manager at Challenger Knight, said, “We deal with the construction industry a lot and those sites are mostly unpowered, especially at the start. We really had a very specific need and Spectur is one of the first companies to really cater to that.

“Spectur is great to deal with as they’re always open to helping and working through any issues.”

Spectur's camera solution:


Challenger Knight originally used Specturs single camera HD5 solution but have recently completed a large 8 system job with Specturs new HD6 platform which provides them with high-definition 4K video camera quality alongside Specturs provide integrated siren and flood light with two pass on edge and cloud-based AI to only activate when required.

Previously Challenger Knigh have also utilised Specturs STA6 platform in 2, 3 or 4 camera configurations to provide full 360 degree views on certain sites.

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