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Christmas and Summer – a great time for stealing


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Warm, starry nights combined with school and university holidays, a few drinks and an empty wallet all help to make Christmas and summer the peak of the construction and building site crime season. Unfortunately, this also can correspond with job site shutdowns as many builders and contractors take a break at the end of the year.

Static security guards are too expensive for most sites. Mobile patrols help, but only when they are present. Fences and gates can make it harder but are only a single line of defence and can be easily overcome for the motivated.

Imagine you had a special someone on site – let’s call them “Bob”. Imagine “Bob” staying back at night when everyone was gone, watching the site. Any time there was movement, Bob could identify if it was people or vehicles using great night vision and then tell trespassers to leave while calling for help. Bob could even create a time-lapse video of site progress when not busy. Imagine Bob was there every hour of the day, rain or shine and never got tired or took a break. He could also share with you every event that occurred during your project and record it in the cloud, watch out for site safety and manage drills and muster points. He could let you know when supplies were delivered to site and direct contractors and staff what to do or where to go, or put you in direct (spoken, written or visual) communications in the moment.

Now, more than ever, it is hard to keep eyes on multiple sites. Spectur can provide you with the “Bob” you need. Solar and battery-powered technology leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, the internet of things, camera technology and communications to solve problems when you can’t be there.

Spectur platforms come with security, surveillance, safety, warning, and other applications with an increasing array of expandable and modular hardware and software features.

Spectur uniquely leverage edge and cloud-based Ai platforms that reduce security-based false alarms by an order of magnitude, allowing active deterrence (fully programmable spoken warnings and lighting). Other systems that use PIR or motion-based algorithms alone are too easily triggered by irrelevant movement, which means that high levels of false alarms get ignored and the deterrence functions must be disarmed to avoid community nuisance.

Spectur can provide multi-camera HD, 4K and thermal camera systems, smart signboards (remotely programmable), two-way communication systems (audio and video) and connectivity with other sensors to suit your applications. These can be controlled via our web application, iOS and Android Apps or even your existing ONVIF compliant video management system. All of this, in a very small footprint in-ground or mobile installation that can be done without cranes or trucks by a single installer with a van.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, as Spectur’s Australia-wide team of licensed security professionals can help you design the system that you need for your application.

Spectur is an ASX listed company (ASX:SP3) with offices across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland. We also have a network of trusted resellers and partners able to support Spectur technology across all states and regions.

Available for short term rent, long term leasing and outright purchase, there is no obstacle to getting the help you need on site, anytime, anywhere, with Spectur.

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