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SUMMER SEASON SPECIALS – they are a steal….

Christmas is not far off and for many, marks one of the few times of the year where people can take a good vacation from work.  Sadly, it is also a time when criminals are at their most active.

So what causes this notable and measured increase in crime, particularly around assets and construction sites?  There are a number of factors:

  • Many businesses, construction sites and facilities are vacant over this period and into the New Year, as people take a well-earned break.  This absence is obvious and often occurs at scale, meaning (for example) that entire building estates can be vacant and criminals can act largely unseen during the day and night.
  • Christmas coincides with long summer days and warm nights.  These conditions encourage many criminals to be outside compared with other seasons, raising the overall average number of perpetrators on the streets compared to cooler or wetter months.
  • Whilst most students are law-abiding citizens, there is a small fraction that are on summer vacation and instead of being occupied with school or other studies have additional free time that can be utilised in a destructive fashion.
  • There is a theory that hot weather just makes people more aggressive and likely to behave accordingly.


What can you do about this?


Spectur recommends a combination of approaches to reduce the risk of your assets or buildings sites being targeted by offenders at this time of year:

  • Fencing and locks.  Where possible, provide at least one level of deterrence to easy access for offenders.  This may be all it takes to get perpetrators to “go to the site next door” or an easier location.  This is not always practical for some sites and in many cases is not enough to deter enthusiastic criminals.
  • Lighting.  Whilst some crime continues to be done in daylight hours, much of it occurs at night where criminals can operate more unobtrusively.  Lighting of a site reduces the ability for offenders to remain unseen.  It also expands the effectiveness of camera surveillance solutions.
  • Camera based deterrence solutions.  Spectur solar security solutions can be installed in minutes and provide 24 hour surveillance, connected to a monitoring service or yourself at all times.  This technology uses a variety of sensing systems (thermal, optical, infrared) combined with Artificial Intelligence to detect people or vehicles within a protected area.  When an event is triggered, the systems also flood the area with light, activate a loud spoken warning and notify a monitoring service, police or others.  These solutions are focussed on stopping crime, not just providing a nice recording of it.
  • Monitoring services and/or guard patrols.  Combined with a smart automated monitoring system such as the Spectur HD5 or thermal cameras, patrols don’t have to worry about false alarms and rush immediately to sites with events.  Offenders that stick around after the Spectur warning systems activate quickly see the rapid response from police or guard patrols and learn to stay away for good.


The average cost of construction related crime is in excess of $30,000 per event.  Don’t take a gamble over Christmas, take a rest.


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