About Spectur

Autonomous solutions that sense, think and act

We harness the power of renewable resources to make autonomous sensing, thinking and action available anywhere, anytime. We provide solar and battery-powered platforms that connect wirelessly to the internet. Our solutions use visual artificial intelligence and IoT to help organisations protect people and IoT that allow organisations to sense, think and act, so they can protect people and property and improve productivity, even in remote locations and harsh conditions.



using cameras or sensors connected to edge and cloud-based processors, which use decision rules and artificial intelligence to...



and interpret images and other sensor data, using in-house or third-party AI. This enables the platform to...



in a variety of ways including onsite alarms, internet or app alerts, lights, switching and other applications


Our solutions help customers cost-effectively reduce risks associated with crime and safety, lower operating and one-off costs, improve productivity and obtain the peace of mind that comes with knowledge. Spectur delivers autonomous, reliable and effective systems that allow for faster and often immediate responses. Because our technology is uniquely flexible, programmable and expandable, what we design tomorrow will still fit what we offer today. We have future-proofed our platforms, allowing our customers to benefit from the innovative solutions and applications our research and development team continue to create.

Our Executive Team

Bringing a wealth of experience to Spectur, our executive team is helping us to cement our place as leaders in security, safety and productivity platforms that sense, think and act.

Our Board

Our Mission

Keeping people and property safe

We will be market leaders in solutions and platforms using solar power, visual AI and IoT. We will build, maintain and extend our leading position through:

Premier customer service and product offering

Ongoing research, development and improvement of our integrated hardware, systems and services focused on solving our customers problems

Expansion of our product offering, customer and geographic coverage

What We Value

At Spectur, we value honesty, respect and integrity, which is reflected in the way we work with people and communities. We care deeply about our customers and set them at the centre of our organisation. This customer orientation drives our technology development, service approach and the culture of our organisation. We set high standards of performance that help our customers solve their problems. We value curiosity which we use to draw out ideas that continue to position us as leaders in our industry.

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