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Spectur 3G/4G Solar Security Cameras for Construction Security

3G/4G Solar Security

The Spectur security solution is designed with solar power in mind, incorporating advanced systems that we have developed over many years.

Our HD camera streams content straight to your smart device through 3G or 4G networks. All of this is made possible by solar cells that help power the device. In case of limited sun exposure, there is a backup battery built in which guarantees constant power. It’s as good as being plugged into the mains.

Spectur smart phone app

Live Surveillance

View your cameras remotely from any location over an internet ready device. You don’t even need to download any software. So now you can be in many places at any one time! Our advanced system is designed to give you incredible power with simplicity. You can control all settings remotely and thanks to cloud storage, access images via a secure web login. So now you truly can have eyes in the back of your head.

Get notified immediately with text alerts as they happen. Once your Spectur camera notices unusual activity, you will receive an SMS or email alert to let you know. Access your secure web login to get instant access from wherever you are.

Time Lapse

Spectur gives you full control and more options to view your content than ever. Time Lapse allows you to get a full scan of your day in a fraction of the time.

You can alter how you view back your video, changing the image quality, frame rate, or the capture schedule where you see fit. Access your time lapsed video remotely or choose Live View to get updates directly to your phone as they happen.

Remote CCTV

Our low bandwidth solution helps keep data costs to a minimum. With motion activated systems, the Spectur camera only responds when it detects movement in the the area. These features are fully customisable from within the app that is easy to use and powerful to control.

Advanced solar technology ensures that you’re always online, with an emergency backup cell installed to keep you in control even when the sun isn’t shining.

The Spectur system is the ideal security and remote management solution for:


Project Managers

Site Managers

Property Owners

Purchase outright or hire from as little as $14 a day*.

A very small price to pay for peace of mind.

*price depends on the number of systems rented and duration of rental period. Excludes Freight, Data Plan and Installation.

The Power of Multiple Spectur Security Cameras

Multiple Spectur cameras can be installed on site which allows you to cover large or unusual site shapes. Cameras from different sites can also be fed into a single secure login, so you can, effectively, be in many places at one time!


The powerful solar cells ensure you never need to worry about your cameras going offline. Cameras remain consistently live and feeding through imagery with backup battery installed to keep the device online during very low levels of sunlight.


Spectur cameras remain consistently live and feeding through imagery with backup battery installed to keep the device online during very low levels of sunlight.

What Spectur can do for you

Record and broadcast high definition images 24/7

Provide time-lapse video of any selected time frame

Send out email and SMS alerts within seconds of activation

Issue pre-recorded spoken warnings when alarms are triggered

Turn on powerful LED lights to illuminate the area

Report activations instantly to a professional monitoring station

What Our Customers Say

Sergio Lucia - Perth Builders
Sergio Lucia - Perth Builders
We have been using the Spectur system for a year. I’ve not had a single crime on site. On previous jobs, I’ve had very bad experiences with crimes that cause lengthy and costly delays. Our margins are very tight so delays can mean the difference between making and losing money on a project. The Spectur system has been 100% effective.
Mark Smolenski - Tasman Civil
Mark Smolenski - Tasman Civil
We chose Spectur as it’s a more humane and affordable solution to our current onsite security. We are currently running 21 cameras across several projects and have had no security problems. We’re extremely happy with the effectiveness of the cameras on our sites and it’s also a real pleasure to deal with the friendly staff at Spectur.

For more information on how our clients use the Spectur solar security camera system,  please see the Applications section of the website.

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