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Data collection, interpretation and reporting

Intelligent solutions for environmental protection and community safety

Spectur's innovative solutions for data collection and analysis

For local and state governments and other organisations, having an accurate and up-to-date understanding of what’s happening is essential for effectively managing resources, ensuring community safety and tackling challenges with greater efficiency. Embracing a data collection system that offers real-time insights on the movement of people and vehicles in public spaces for example, can support organisations in making better decisions while fostering more connected, secure and thriving communities.

Addressing challenges such as environmental management, waterways and coastal management, traffic congestion, crime rates and the capacity to respond to emergencies becomes pivotal for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of residents.

To help address these challenges, Spectur offers some innovative technologies, such as Spectur’s Envirocoms. This data collection system provides data and process power to support better decision-making and resource allocation and doing so in a cost-effective way.

Our data collection platforms employ machine learning algorithms to create actionable insights from a variety of data sources including environmental sensors, manual data sources, external data sources and CCTV systems. They have then the ability to process video data to undertake activities such as counting people and vehicles; monitoring changes in the environment or coastline such as shoreline width and wave height; and recognising different objects in surroundings.

Problems Spectur solves

Our robust solar camera platforms for data collection management​







Industries Benefitting from Spectur's Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting Solutions


Coastal, Marine and Waterway Management

Weather Services

Universities and Schools


Local and State Governments


Why should I use Spectur’s data collection, analysis and interpretation solutions?

We bring peace of mind and address duty of care. With Spectur solutions, we reduce community risks from hazards by providing warnings and communications in areas previously lacking such infrastructure.

Quick and Reliable; most metro areas can have a system installed within 2 days.


Saving you money choose between purchase, lease or rental solutions for a cost-effective approach based on project duration and your capital management requirements.


Deploy anywhere anytime with our in-ground solution, mobile bases, and trailer offerings.

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Need to operate a Spectur’s camera system in an area without 4G connectivity. What would you do? The answer is Starlink!  Our system seamlessly integrates

There’s a Spectur surveillance solution for every need, all supported by our Australian-based technology team.

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