Deterrence and Crime Prevention

Don't just record crime - actively deter and prevent crime with an AI-powered security system.

Spectur systems actively detect and deter intruders with bright light and a loud spoken warning. Our cloud-based Artificial Intelligence distinguishes people and vehicles from other movements to minimise false alarms.

Intelligent Ai detects crime and prevents false alarms

Stop crime

Each Spectur platform sees, thinks and acts for you immediately when it detects trouble onsite, startling offenders with its lights and customisable spoken warning. At the same time you or your security team receives an alert for assessment and dispatch, with live and recorded data on what’s taking place. False alarms become the exception rather than the rule, thanks to Spectur’s cloud-based and/or edge-based AI, which differentiates human and vehicle activity from other movement.

Prevent illegal dumping

Not only can Spectur be used to protect valuable items and sites, but it can also be used to prevent unwanted rubbish being dumped in pristine bushland or on remote sites. Set up the wireless systems in your location of choice, and the system will send out a loud alert and a bright light the minute that vehicles or people are detected. The offenders typically flee right away, and you have a high-definition record of events for follow-up.

Short term hire or long term lease security systems

Install easily as needed

Whether you require active deterrence in the short or long term, Spectur makes it simple with the option to buy, short term hire or long term lease to suit your needs. Each system includes its own 3G/4G modem for secure cloud-based data transmission. Because our solutions are powered by high-quality solar panels and batteries without needing cabled access to a power or internet supply, they’re incredibly easy to set up and shift – and ideal for remote sites.

Defence against anti-social crimes

Protect the community

Spectur is a cost-effective defence against anti-social crime such as graffiti, illegal dumping and property damage. Instead of outlaying hundreds of dollars per night for one security guard, these reliable solar and battery-powered systems can be hired or purchased at a fraction of the expense. Light and sound warnings are emitted right away to discourage anti-social behaviour and to support and supplement security teams for a safer community.

Whatever your needs, there’s a Spectur solution to suit.
Our products & applications are developed for Australian users.

“Spectur has provided us with technology that is easy to utilise along with excellent service. Spectur’s team accommodates and actions requests quickly and promptly, and in our experience the product has been faultless.”


Two powerful products for deterrence

The STA6 offers all that the HD5 does and more. This seriously powerful system captures images from up to four 4K ultralow-light optical or long-range thermal cameras, plus it enables two-way and fully programmable audio for direct communication with the site. The STA6 supports GPS positioning and both cloud and edge-based AI for expanded options. Because it has industry leading range in visibility, detection and deterrence, the STA6 is an ideal option for larger sites and perimeters.


The HD5 is the go-to option for cost-effective monitoring and deterrence. Its HD full-colour camera keeps a detailed record, while its quality built-in speaker and light is activated whenever needed to make would-be crims flee the scene. Thermal imaging is available as an option. The HD5 is also ideal to integrate with sensors for solutions such as shark and fire warning systems. If you need reliable, hassle-free surveillance and deterrence, then look no further.


Saving thousands of dollars in onsite security


BMD is one of Australia’s largest privately-owned construction companies. Unfortunately, there was a significant number of break-ins and thefts onsite each year – and existing security systems were very pricey. BMD needed a solution to its security dilemma.


BMD was referred to Spectur, and a number of solar and battery-powered systems have now been installed onsite for two years now and can easily be moved as needed. These camera and alarm solutions provide active deterrence and emit alarms when human or vehicle activity is recognised. The cost benefits are impressive. “Since the change, we have had a mass reduction in theft which is a huge cost saving. On top of that, we’re saving over $100,000 annually in security fees compared to the other solutions we were using.”

Australian designed & made
Deters genuine threats onsite
Minimises false alarms
Integrates with AI solutions
Spectur solutions are used for construction sites, residential buildings, local government and utilities. We can help with your project too.

“It is a great solution and the staff are switched-on, dedicated and always there for us when we need them to assist with our requirements. Spectur has been a great solution for BMD Constructions.”

BMD Constructions

Speak with one of our specialists to choose one of our existing, or engineer a custom, solution to suit your requirements

See what else Spectur can do


Deploy these Australia-made surveillance systems to watch your site at any time, from anywhere. Spectur’s reliable solar & battery-powered technology makes it easy to monitor, manage and investigate activity remotely.

Warning Systems

From shark and beach warning systems, to fire and flood alarms, Spectur surveillance systems are being used to keep communities safe around Australia. Integrate your sensors to respond and rapidly alert people to incoming danger when your emergency responders are far from site.

Sensing & AI Solutions

Spectur products are designed for interoperability, unlocking the possibilities of AI and the Internet of Things. Many sensors and third-party software can be integrated to develop the security, monitoring, sensing (or acting) systems you need.

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