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Ensure Peace Of Mind With Solar Security Cameras

Ensure Peace Of Mind With Solar Security Cameras



Whether you’re working remotely on a non-powered building site, running a large, multi-site construction project or even dabbling in the agricultural sector, your peace of mind and your bottom line are what matters. Solar Security Cameras from Spectur have you more than covered.

Sometimes the job is protecting fittings like copper and whiteware. Other times it’s about ensuring that both your work vehicles and your tools remain undamaged and on the premises! Then of course, no one can forget the job of making sure your staff practice is above board. Whether it’s purposeful or not, contractors and subbies can get into bad habits that you need to nip in the bud quickly. We’re talking about late starts, early knockoffs and even serious misconduct should it become a problem.

Whatever the application: non-powered, agricultural or industrial, solar powered security cameras will let you pull focus to identify anything that’s affecting your project goals and your livelihood. You’ll be able to track wayward activity on your construction site, find out why the stock numbers are declining on your farm, or even keep an eye on the suspicious foot traffic around the perimeters of your caravan park.


Solar Powered Security Is The Best Insurance

Insurance companies these days require extensive proof of theft or wrongdoing in order to approve claims. Using solar powered security is a tried and tested way to make sure you can provide this evidence, as well as protect your ongoing business interests if any unexpected situations arise. However, you’ll be pleased to know that unlike most insurance policies, Spectur solar powered security cameras are easy to use, easy to rent or buy, adaptable and most importantly can be quickly tailored to your needs.

This is for many reasons, but primarily because they’re fast to install in any location you desire. The wireless operation means you’ve got the freedom to move your security cameras with you as the project advances without having to create hazards with visible cording, or rewire the system only to move it again 8 weeks down the track.

Spectur solar security also gives you 24/7 remote access to your surveillance feeds. You can log in anywhere you are on your smartphone or laptop to check out the situation. That means you’re never going to have to rely on the eyes of tired security guards again or make those endless drives from site to site. See how it works here.

But while wireless operation and remote feed access are great when it comes to evidence, you should choose a solar security setup with more than just that on its ticket.  We don’t like to brag but Spectur systems have a range of features that set them apart as the best solar security cameras on the market. Read on to make sure you get your hands on a system that ticks all of the boxes below and don’t be fooled by copycat setups that’ll let you down over time.


Solar Powered Security Camera Essentials

If you’re shopping around with local providers make sure you ask the following questions when you’re weighing up your options. And don’t hesitate to just contact us here if you want to skip the hassle and get a free quote from the best solar security camera company in Australia.

You need a solar security setup that offers ‘anywhere outdoor’ operation. That means it should be wireless, free of cables and easy to install.

Ensure you ask for a system that works in low light. Some cameras are rigged with Infrared lights which won’t pick up the colours in the same way that an LED system will.

Check the battery storage capacity. You should be able to go without sunlight for 4 days without a worry and if not, you’ve got a problem.

Ask if the system offers consistent power. Does it switch into sleep mode and are you always going to have remote access through a fully functional 3G/4G operation?

Check the quality of the panels. Are they mono or polycrystalline? You need to ensure you’re getting at least 50W of power. Spectur panels offer 65W of power on the camera panel that’s been tested under the harshest weather conditions.

Warranty and fast installation. Spectur offers a standard 12-month warranty on all security cameras and we can get them operational within a day.


Experts In Australian Solar Security

Over the last five years, we’ve put our systems to the test in the harshest conditions and the widest variety of applications. The unique design of Spectur systems is a result of extensive testing, research and constant development. This is why we feel confident to call ourselves the best solar security providers in the market. It’s a big call but we’ve worked hard for it and we’d love to show you what’s possible.

So you’re in the game for solar security talk to us before you go elsewhere. And whatever your final choice, make sure you hold the company you use to the same standards that Spectur offers.


Don’t wait for disaster to strike – protect your site now!

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