Step into the future of environmental data management with the envirocoms platform.

An intuitive environmental data management software

Envirocoms empowers organisations to comprehend, oversee, and enhance real-world environments by leveraging data. It facilitates the collection, centralisation, and management of data from various environmental sensors and CCTV systems. By using data processing and machine learning algorithms, Envirocoms generates simple visualisations and actionable insights for managers. This streamlined process is proven to help decision-making, save time and money, and create positive environmental outcomes.

Addressing environmental challenges: How Envirocoms can assist you

Envirocoms' diverse industry applications


Coastal Monitoring

We have been pioneers in the development of smart coastal monitoring applications and work with leading organisations in coastal management. The Envirocoms EDMS can assist with storing complex and dynamic data and provide an interface for open source data.

Monitor Flora & Fauna

The Envirocoms EDMS allows you to store and manage data for species. You can easily manage data collected in order to estimate population size and trends of various species of flora and fauna.

Waterways Monitoring

The Envirocoms EDMS can process and store your data from your in-situ smart water monitoring sensors and manual observations.

Envirocoms Weather Services

The Envirocoms EDMS can pull this weather data and other observations to support the understanding of trend and pulse events in the environment.


Universities & Schools

Research and development is the heart of Envirocoms. We have a number of partnerships with universities to accelerate and pioneer cutting edge smart monitoring for complex and dynamic environments. We have also opened up our infrastructure for schools to access advanced solutions for environmental education, which supports the STEM disciplines.

Envirocoms Software Features

Reports & Visual Dashboards

Scheduled Feed Ingestion

External Sensor Integration

Managed Local & Cloud Services

Optimising environmental engineering: Advantages of the Envirocoms platform


Customizable Online Toolsets

Easy Recording & Sensor Connectivity


Alerts, Direct to Your Phone & Email

Envirocoms API Access

Addon APIs

Static Data Feed API

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