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Environmental Policy Statement


Spectur aims to reduce our environmental footprint through responsible environmental management. We achieve
this by setting clear environmental objectives, implementing effective controls, measuring progress and
communicating results.


Spectur is committed to environmental improvement. We will achieve this by working with our customers, suppliers
and the community to adopt procedures that:

  • Reduce waste through innovative work practices and recycling practices.
  • Adhere to the correct practices in the disposing of harmful / toxic substances.
  • Minimise environmental impacts by reduction of polluting substances produced by our operations,
    activities, products or services.
  • Reduce the consumption of energy in our operations, and utilise clean energy where possible.
  • Minimise the impact of our operations on the neighbouring community.
  • Increase the use of environmentally acceptable materials, equipment and technology in place of those
    which are considered harmful.
  • Ensure that our suppliers follow acceptable environmental policies, and
  • Actively promote environmental awareness among workers, customers, and the general public.


Spectur responsibilities include:

  • Communicating the Spectur Environmental Policy to all employees and other stakeholders as appropriate.
  • Making business decisions that progress towards always minimising Spectur environmental impact through
  • continuous improvement and innovations.
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at the reduction of
    waste, pollution and environmental harm.
  • Ensuring employees, contractors and subcontractors are fully aware of and have the necessary skills and
    resources to fulfil their environmental management obligations.
  • Ensuring relationships are developed with Customers, Governments, Local Communities and other concerned
    stakeholders to deliver better environmental outcomes.