Keeping people and property safe is a challenge for all levels of government across Australia. We work with local, state and federal governments to provide reliable and efficient autonomous sensing, thinking and acting platforms in any location, outperforming expensive and ineffective traditional wired security, safety and sensing measures.


Preventing illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is dangerous for the community and the environment. It’s also an ever-increasing expense for government. To deter illegal dumping at known hotspots, we install smart unwired, solar-powered systems with full internet connectivity. They identify people and vehicles, record details, inform authorities and warn off offenders. They help government stop illegal dumping before it happens.

Reducing anti-social crime

Anti-social crime exposes government and community facilities to theft, vandalism, and graffiti. Using advanced camera vision, our intelligent surveillance systems can detect when people should not be present. They respond with floodlighting and automatic spoken messages to alert and deter potential offenders. After receiving an alert, a security team can monitor the vision and call for police or security guards to attend. We help stop crime before it starts.

Responding quickly to bushfire or extreme events

To save lives and protect property, the government needs to deploy a rapid response to a bushfire or extreme event. We install remote, internet-connected surveillance cameras, sensors and speakers in remote areas that sense events and trigger early warning alerts, allowing for the deployment of resources and evacuation of people and livestock, saving lives and preventing catastrophic damage.

Safety, security and sensing at parks

Remote locations with no Wi-Fi or power are difficult and expensive to monitor using conventional wired technology. Our systems use solar power, 4G connectivity and LoRaWAN to enable remote monitoring, sensing and vision allowing for prompt decision making and immediate action.

Detecting beach dangers

With connections to smart drum lines, tagged sharks, tsunami detection systems and seismographs, our sensing technologies create efficient and cost-effective beach warning systems. An early warning system is critical to protect people from a shark attack or give them enough time to get to safety if a tsunami is triggered, saving lives.

Providing 24 x 7 security

We provide tailored security solutions that observe people, government property and assets without the need to have security personnel present at the location or in a control room. Our systems detect when crimes are about to happen or intruders are present. They take automatic action to deter, alert, and record activities, keeping people and property safer.

Expanding existing security solutions

We can integrate out solutions into other 3rd party applications via ONVIF conformant video management systems (VMS) interfacing to systems such as Milestone and Genetec. This allows our hardware platforms (via our cloud software) to be easily integrated with existing wired camera solutions. Totally wire-free, we’ve removed the need for power and internet cabling. Smart data and power management tools ensure that excessive data costs and flat batteries are easily avoided. We offer mobile, trailer and temporary fixed solutions. No matter what the application, we can get the system operational within days, and sometimes within as little as an hour.

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The STA6 system suits government departments and agencies who need a powerful, versatile surveillance system in remote locations and at unpowered and unwired sites. The powerful STA6 uses a solar and battery-powered platform and a wireless internet connection to enable remote monitoring, sensing and vision, that allows the government to sense, think and act to protect people and property.

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