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30 Day Risk Free Trial

Stop crime and protect your bottom line.

30 Day Risk Free Trial

We stop crime. Protect your bottom line.

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Alarms. Live View.


CCTV Recording. Timelapse.

All controlled by our advanced Artificial Intelligence technology.

No Power Needed

Solar and battery powered. No cabling or wiring required.

Multiple Alarm and Recording Modes

Decide how you want the system record and send alerts day and night.

Evacuation Alert

Evacuation alarms and spoken warnings can be issues remotely.

Pre-recorded Spoken Warnings

Highly effective at frightening intruders off.

Solar security camera
Live Viewing

See what is happening in real time from your phone or computer.

Advanced Motion Detection

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence to minimise false alarms.

Full Monitoring Station Integration.

Self monitor or professional monitoring.

Bright White LED Light

Strong deterrent and full colour night time images.

What Spectur can do for you

Watches over your assets 24/7 in full HD

Provide time-lapse video of any selected time frame

Sends e-mails and In -App alerts if the system is activated

Frighten off intruders with spoken warnings

Illuminate areas with bright LED lights

Remotely view your sites in full HD in real time


It’s easy, reliable and incredibly effective – saving you time and money

No Power Needed

No cabling or wiring required, Spectur's advanced solar and storage technology means your system can run for up to 4 full days with no sunlight!


We stand by the durability and reliability of all our Spectur products including a 12 month guarantee for Spectur installed systems.

Spectur smart phone app
Time Lapse

The Spectur wireless security camera also records a customisable time-lapse of your site.

Cloud Recording

Spectur systems are completely controlled through their innovative cloud infrastructure. Everything from managing alarm and camera parameters to the ability to monitor system performance.

Hire or Purchase

For as little as 60 cents an hour all inclusive, you can protect and secure your site 24 hours a day by renting a Spectur System or purchasing outright.

Solar Wireless Cloud Recording Camera with Live Surveillance and Time Lapse

The Ultimate Wireless Solar Security Camera Solution.

Powered entirely by solar

Thermal imaging option

Email and in App alerts

Switch view between multiple cameras

Removable and reusable

Connect via 3G/4G

24/7 Mobile Access

Remote arm/disarm

HD Live view

Easy to install and use

No trenching to carry power

Time-laspe recording function

Secure log in

Available on desktop and mobile

Custom designed and built in Australia

Introducing Thermal Imaging for Large Perimeters

thermal security camera

Monitor. Record. Alert 

High Tech Thermal Image Monitoring made accessible and affordable

Detect heat signatures of both humans and vehicles up to 1 kilometre away in complete darkness!

Rapid deployment with no trenches, cabling or power needed. Up and running in under 1hr. Read More

Solar Powered Wireless Security Cameras in Australia

We are living in smart times. Change has come to countless different industries as a result of technological advances, making life that little bit easier for end-users. We are also living through challenging ethical times, where our decisions with regards to consumption are continually questioned.

Businesses, therefore, need to look toward revolutionary technology to bolster their credentials without opening their premises up to risk. Fortunately, a solar security camera system is now accessible in Australia that achieves everything required and more.

Solar Security Camera Systems

At Spectur, we are a national ASX listed company that designs, develops and manufactures monitoring systems that are used to secure and protect businesses in industrial, government and commercial sectors. Our cloud-based technology solutions push away from the old analogue, wire-dependent systems of old and afford businesses a vastly superior means of keeping tabs on their property 24/7.

Among our clients are the following:

  • Australian Government: Department of Defence
  • Porter Davis
  • Peet
  • Landcorp
  • John Holland
  • Stockland
  • Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
  • Lendlease

Our smart systems are designed for the 21st Century and make it possible for end-users to gain the kind of peace of mind and confidence that previous security systems were incapable of achieving.

Prepare to Save a Lot of Money With Our Solar Security Cameras

A solar-powered security camera should immediately appeal to those that continually keep track of their bottom line. It goes without saying that the cost of utilities is one of the major expenses that most businesses will have every year. However, given that we live in Australia, a country that enjoys a lot of sunshine, it makes sense to harness this power and reduce our dependence on natural resources.

Here at Spectur, we believe that there are many more ways that our solar wireless security cameras make a huge difference where cost savings are concerned. Wouldn’t you like to know that your site was being monitored 24/7 and that all activity was recorded? We expect that you would also appreciate that all events recorded are captured with 100% accuracy. That’s what our system can achieve for your business.

Anybody that has assets that they need to protect from damage, theft or who has a property that could be used for illegal dumping will appreciate the cost that is associated with hiring patrol and security guards. The hourly rates for day and night security can quickly run into the thousands. However, with a wireless solar panel security camera, you can slash these expenses down to as little as $0.60 per hour.

Finally, dependability and reliability are two things that humans can only promise to a point. Sickness, lateness and the need for holiday leave all must be factored into your planning. Not so with our system. It works all year round, is not directly threatened by criminals and will even keep working for up to 4 days in the absence of sunlight.

The Best Wireless Security Camera in Australia

Protecting the business and property that you worked hard to build and earn is a priority for any entrepreneur or developer. Businesses of all sizes fall prey to criminals every year. It is not only those that want to destroy equipment and steal your assets that need to be prepared for, but also those that want to dump their waste illegally on your premises.

To catch a criminal it is important to have effective systems in place that are designed for the smart world we now live in. That’s why wireless security cameras are quickly becoming Australia’s go-to monitoring tool in the fight against crime.

At Spectur, we believe that while the systems of old served their purpose, it is essential to take advantage of all of the benefits that new technology can deliver. We developed our monitoring and security systems to afford customers an easy, reliable and incredibly effective solution that not only saves you money but also saves you time, too.

What Makes Spectur’s Wireless Security Cameras Superior to All Alternatives

We believe that there is a need for better solutions when it comes to security. Black and white footage can often look grainy and offer little clarity in terms of identifying a trespasser on your property as they inflict damage or steal from you. Our systems use LEDs that cast a striking white light and make it possible to capture and record sharp colour images.

In daylight, our cameras can see as far as 100 metres away, which of course depends on the lens used. Even at night, you can expect visibility between 20 and 30 metres. The feature that our customers love is the fact that no power is required to keep your system running.

That’s right, in the absence of cabling and wiring, the advanced solar and storage technology that you install will keep your systems running 24/7. Those concerned about a loss of sunlight need not worry. Your system will continue to run for up to 4 days should such an eventuality occur. That’s what makes this the best wireless security camera in Australia.

When you choose Spectur products all of the coverage of your site is captured and stored for up to a month, with time-lapse photographs captured for 12 months. New users may wonder where their footage and photos are stored. Well, we use a cloud-based recording. This is how we control everything from monitoring system performance to setting the camera parameters and managing the alarms.

A Watchful, Inconspicuous Presence

At Spectur, we want to make it possible to gain complete control over your property and premises at all times. It is important that you can monitor activity on site regardless of whether you are present or not. As such, our smartphone app is the ideal way to keep tabs on things at any time of day or night.

Think about it, this is the kind of security system that negates the need for a physical security presence that will cost you thousands of dollars per year. The cost to you can be as little as $0.60 an hour all inclusive. A single security guard could cost you $45 per hour, so consider the resources you currently pay for and then imagine the savings you can make

Wireless security cameras in Australia are essential today to maintain a watchful, inconspicuous presence. Add cloud-based management to this and you have a winning formula. Call today to discuss the system that will work best for you.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction Ratings

At Spectur, we set out to create a monitoring system that far exceeded the abilities of what was already in the market. Our customer satisfaction rating speaks to the success that we have had in this regard, with plenty of testimonials on our site ready for you to read.

This is without doubt the best security cameras monitoring system in Australia. So, if you want to protect your property and premises 24/7 and save a lot of money in the process, get in touch with us for a 30-day risk-free trial that will certainly show you where the benchmark for great monitoring is today.

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Watch the Spectur Solar Security System in action

Watch and learn how easy it is to install a Spectur system, right through to how effective it is in preventing a real crime!
Watch the Spectur camera prevent
a crime in progress

With spoken warnings and white light image capture, the Spectur solar security camera systems stop crime in it’s tracks!

Installing the Spectur system is safe
and easy to DIY

The Spectur Solar Security Camera system is incredibly fast and easy to install without having to work at heights.

How to use the Spectur system
Live Viewing Features

Using the Spectur remote viewing interface is simple and easy. In this video, we show you how to use the Live Viewing feature and capture detail.

How to use the Events feature on
the Spectur interface

Using the Spectur remote viewing interface is simple and easy. In this video, we show you how to use the Events feature and even save specific pieces of footage.

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