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How A Spectur Building Site Security Camera Could Save Your Job

How A Spectur Building Site Security Camera Could Save Your Job

How A Spectur Building Site Security Camera Could Save Your Job.


In Australia, Loss Prevention Managers have a tricky job. Huge sites with multifaceted operations make fulfilling your contractual responsibilities more important than ever. On sites worth millions, the stakes are high and LPM’s often end up wearing many hats to get the job done. Here’s how a Spectur building site security camera can actually save that job.

The bottom line is that ensuring your preventable loss levels remain low means paying attention to a wide range of business activities at the same time. From monitoring staff practice to keeping an eye on supplier deliveries, to ensuring the security of the site from external threats. Frankly, there are hundreds of outside forces that can cause shrinkage – whether it’s deliberate or not.


Changes In The Loss Prevention Industry Have Increased Competition


Ever-tightening budgets mean that Loss Prevention Managers who don’t stay within acceptable loss levels face the prospect of re-entering a competitive job market. One where even those with years of experience are pushed to perform far beyond historic industry standards. The market simply isn’t the same as it used to be, so LPM’s need to step up now with cost-effective ways to meet contractual expectations.

Multiple, cloud-based, building site security cameras are the answer. They literally give you eyes in the back of your head and make the monitoring of sites as easy as logging in remotely for real-time viewing of as many remote or targeted areas as you like. For project or construction site managers, this means minimal loss and maximum profit. It’s the ideal formula for protecting both your current job and your name in the industry.


It’s Time To Stop Reacting And Start Responding

The worst situation for a Loss Prevention Manager is to be stuck in a rut of establishing policies after the fact. The better option is to stop reacting and respond first with procedures that will vastly reduce the initial opportunity for loss. If you already have cameras on site, this means checking you have the right setup and assessing whether your current system contributes to the red or the black. Some situations you may not have considered are the potential loss of footage due to outdated sleep mode settings. Cameras can sometimes take minutes to become operational in this instance, meaning you miss incidents. The other culprit is poor positioning. Traditional mains-reliant systems tend to use bulky wiring which restricts placement leaving blind spots in your operation.

On the other hand, if you don’t have building site security cameras and you’re logging unnecessary shrinkage, then you’ve immediately got a very persuasive argument for investment in the right system to bring your numbers back on form. Before you make a decision it’s important to ensure you choose a security camera that won’t fail you. Many Loss Prevention Managers have had what they thought were wise investments foiled by security camera industry cheapskates. Make sure you don’t make the same error by checking out our tips for avoiding common purchase mistakes.


Spectur Cameras Could Be Your New Best Mate

When it comes to doing your job well and preventing loss, fair warning is so much better than hindsight and that’s what Spectur building site security cameras will give you. If you’re dealing with margins in the hundreds of thousands or even larger there’s nothing that’ll make you feel more secure in your role – and in your word – than a surveillance setup to quickly identify and prove any misconduct.

This is especially relevant on multiple or moving sites where both internal and external risk factors put your bottom line at risk. The great thing about the Spectur system is the remote web login. You’ll have real-time live access wherever you are on your smartphone or computer. Plus you can link multiple cameras to your login with pre-recorded warnings and a choice of automatic schedules for on and off times if you want them.

Not only can Spectur solar security cameras give you the evidence you need to identify then resolve the problem, they can validate the procedures and systems that you’ve put into play. All in all, they’ll make sure your sites run smoothly and your job is safe. We call that a good mate!


Return On Investment Far Outweighs Initial Costings

At Spectur we know you’re working with tight margins. We also understand your needs may change over time. That’s why you can rent our systems for short-term use or buy them outright and use them as a chargeable asset to take with you between contracts. Spectur clients tell us that the long-life and wireless setup of our systems – coupled with our one day installation service – makes this an excellent value-add to offer when they’re negotiating new contracts. You can literally bring your security team with you!

If you’re on a long-term contract then you should know that Spectur building site security cameras offer a range of benefits and features which make them easy to justify with head office. Check out that range here. The best advice we can give you is to balance the initial outlay costs with the likely returns on your investment. When you’re doing your figures, take into account the savings. First off, building site cameras will reduce the added costs that come when projects are delayed because equipment and fittings have gone missing. Secondly, you’ll be shedding the call out fees for your security company and lastly, the human resources cost caused by staff turnover will drop. Read testimonials here from clients who’ve reduced theft to 0% using Spectur.

If you’re serious about loss prevention then think seriously about locking down your sites with Spectur’s solar security cameras. They’ll secure your assets, minimise loss, maximise profit and keep you in your job for as long as you want to be there.




Don’t wait for disaster to strike – protect your site now!

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