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How Solar Powered Security is Being Used to Tackle Rising Farm Theft


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Sheep and cows disappearing in the night might sound like something out of a folk tale, but for pastoralists, it’s a very real, expensive and often devastating issue. Farm theft of stock, tools, equipment and machinery is a rising problem in many areas of Australia, and unfortunately these crimes are under reported and under investigated due to delays and lack of evidence, and ultimately undeterred. Fortunately, solar technology is offering new protections against farm theft.

What are a farm’s most sensitive areas in terms of security?

There’s a lot about a farm or station that can make it easy prey for thieves: its remoteness, its large perimeters, high-value items and stock, and the fact that traditional wired security systems can’t easily be installed. Farmers can’t physically be in every area at all hours of the day to keep an eye on things. Sheds and workshops can be particularly targeted by thieves, but of course valuable livestock may also be walking around in the paddock and difficult to protect. It’s not just the monetary value that’s lost with stock theft; it can also be many years of breeding and care.

What are the benefits of rural security cameras?

Farm security cameras placed or access roads can potentially capture evidence as an event happens or act as a very visible deterrent to theft, but traditional camera models prove unreliable and difficult to set up and monitor. A solar powered farm security camera from Spectur can advance farm security significantly. These professional systems are simple and fast to set up without the need for cables, and operate up to four days without sunlight thanks to the built-in battery.

Not only do Spectur camera systems capture exceptional vision even in low light, they also actively deter intruders. Artificial intelligence distinguishes human and vehicle movement from animals or moving branches, and triggers a bright light and loud spoken warning to the area. Intruders are typically scared away from the area before they’ve had a chance to wreak havoc, and an alert is sent to you or your security personnel so you can attend the site. The entire event is captured, with data stored remotely in the cloud.

What are the considerations when setting up a farm security camera system?

  • Power and cabling
    A high-quality solar powered farm security camera can provide peace of mind that your property is being monitored without the typical expensive outlays for power and cabling.
  • Monitoring and detection range
    When you have a large perimeter to cover, seek out a model such as the STA6 which offers clear 4K camera optical vision or long-range thermal. This makes all the difference on an expansive site.
  • Vandal-resistant design
    Solar powered systems can be placed in ideal positions and out of reach’s way – that means no more tiny cameras strapped at eye level that can be easily damaged or even stolen.
  • Remote data storage
    Intruders might think they can destroy the data evidence by destroying the camera itself. Fortunately the camera system uploads data securely to the cloud via its built-in modem, so clear imagery of the event is captured instantly and can later be provided to police.
  • Further functionality
    A system such as Spectur can also be integrated with smart sensing solutions and used to monitor and alert to smoke or fire. The option to hire or buy also provides flexibility.

Other tips for protecting your rural property from theft

  • Keep fences in good repair
  • Provide plenty of signage, advertising that you are using a Spectur theft deterrence system.
  • Change things up regularly onsite, so it’s clear you’re visiting the area
  • Check stock regularly and aim to maintain accurate records
  • Consider police checks of new farmhands and workers, as some farm theft is carried out by those who know the farm well.

Spectur’s solar-powered security cameras are designed for use on farms and stations, but we also offer government security camera solutions for rural public properties, such as utilities, public spaces, and more. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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