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How Spectur Security Cameras Do More Than Prevent Theft


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If you’re looking for security cameras for your site, chances are you’re probably looking to prevent theft and reduce your losses.

Sadly, we often hear from businesses who have just been on the receiving end of this kind of loss and want to stop it happening again.

Theft isn’t just about losing equipment, but the loss of service, productivity and even the potential for lost contracts means that what may seem to be a small theft can have massive financial consequences.

Stopping crime before it happens is exactly what the Spectur security camera is built to do.

Yes, security cameras can work to monitor the day to day progress and productivity at your work site, but our wireless security cameras do even more than that.

The Spectur security camera uses loud verbal warnings and bright lights to alert intruders that they are under surveillance and the imminent consequences.

With Spectur solar powered remote security cameras, you’ll be able to monitor any suspicious activity – but theft can take many forms. Even the loss of worker’s productivity or chronic inactivity on a job can come at a high price.

Using Spectur as your virtual eyes, you never have to worry about taking your eyes off the site again!

Just like Sergio from Perth Builders, you’ll be able to see what your staff are getting up to, who’s logging in and logging out correctly, and their levels of productivity. Are they getting the job done?

Sergio says:

The added benefit of the Spectur system is that I can log into the cameras at any time and see what’s going on. Even if I am in another state or another country. This is very helpful and saves a lot of time and money not having to drive to the site from our offices

And this is just the start when it comes to Spectur benefits.

3 Ways (Other Than Theft Prevention) You Can Benefit From Spectur Security Cameras

Through years’ of experience in crime prevention and a history of success, we’ve isolated some of the most crucial benefits of installing a wireless security camera.

Time Cost Savings

One of the most monstrous savings you’re going to make by installing a robust wireless security camera system is the time cost savings.

After all – wasted time is wasted money.

Time and time again, we hear about the thefts that end up costing businesses ridiculous amounts of money due to time delays.

For example, a company in Melbourne recently approached Spectur with a huge problem with tool theft.

Turning up to your site only to find all your tools stolen is just not on. The cost of replacing the tools is nothing in comparison to the time cost.

These tool thefts meant that projects were losing days of work at a time, and in some cases, tradies were still getting paid for work they couldn’t do!

With the pressure of meeting deadlines and handovers, this somewhat ‘minor’ theft turned into a big issue.

The installation of several Spectur security cameras on the construction site allowed the company to scare off would-be thieves and prevent crime.

Not all security cameras are obvious to criminals, especially in the dark. So, although it may be recording the crime, it may not be able to prevent it.

Spectur solar powered security cameras are different.

Not only does the system shine a near-blinding 50-LED light on any trespasser at night, the system also issues spoken warnings.

Watch this trespasser get caught in the act!

Settling Site Disputes

Although everyone does their best to follow procedures, at times the work site can be prone to accidents and incidents.

When it comes to construction projects, we know that you’d love nothing more than to totally eliminate all problems associated with accidents and damage.

Unfortunately, the reality is that you can’t.

What you can do is prevent accidents in the future by understanding how it occurred in the first place. Staff accounts are often inaccurate, as sometimes, it can “all just happens too fast” for them to record.

A security camera will allow you to look back on incidents and identify the cause, who was involved, and furthermore – allow you to come up with a solution for preventing the incident in the future.

The other benefit is being able to settle disputes in a fair and democratic manner.

Even if there’s an accident on site while you’re there, you could blink or have your back turned at the time.

A Spectur security camera is on 24/7, recording imagery in high-definition.

You’ll own all the evidence needed to get to the bottom of it.

Improve Productivity

Not only will you save time by not needing to be on the site every day, you will gain intelligence from understanding how the team works.

Look back on how your employees’ work and consider whether the current way you go about things, or if the current process is the best possible.

You will benefit from identifying new and improved ways of doing things.

Worksite security and the prevention of theft is achievable with a sophisticated wireless security camera system like Spectur.

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